Population: 24,090
Area: 2.5 Square Miles
Median Age: 33.4
Median Household Income: $45,818
Average Household Size: 3.14
No. of Housing Units: 7,757
Percent Owner-Occupied: 67.8%
Median Property Value: $181,500
(Source: 2010 Census)

County: Cook
Township: Proviso

Founding Date: April 6,1869
Incorporation Date: October 22, 1881

Village Manager form
Village President, Clerk and six (6)
Trustees are elected at-large for
four-year terms.
An appointed Village Manager oversees
the day-to-day operations of the Village.

Combined Tax Rate:
From $15.723 to $16.356

Distance to Downtown Chicago (Loop):
10 miles

Shopping and Service Area:
Many businesses are located in
neighborhood shopping centers
within Maywood
(17th Ave., Lake St., Roosevelt
Rd., Madison St., 5th Ave.)
Regional malls in Oakbrook, Forest
Park, Broadview and North
Riverside are only minutes away.

Size of Police Force:
69 sworn personnel, 9 vacancies
1 chief
2 deputy commanders
1 commander
4 lieutenants
9 sergeants
53 officers
22 officers (parttime); 10 vacancies
10 clerks
2 office personnel

Size of Fire Department:
43 Professionals
1 chief
1 clerk
3 captains
3 lieutenants
5 officers
1 fire inspector
2 fire stations
2 engine companies
1 truck company
2 ambulances
1 rescue squad
1 reserve engine company
I reserve ambulance

Public Schools:
7 elementary schools,
Emerson • Garfield • Irving •
Lexington • Lincoln •
Washington •
PAEC Special Education Center,
PAEC High School,
PAEC Elementary School;
Proviso East High School;
served by Triton College
in River Grove

Private Elementary Schools:
Midwest Evangelical
Christian Academy

Churches: 41

Public Facilities:
11 parks
Basketball & tennis courts
Swimming pool
Baseball diamonds

Village of Maywood website: http://www.maywood-il.org

(Source: Community Development
Department 708/450-6381)