Backyard Revolution Review
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Backyard Revolution Review

Are you prepared for a disaster? Are you tired of spending thousands of $$$ each month on energy bills? If your answer is yes, the Backyard Revolution system is for you. 

This comprehensive guide provides all of the instructions you need to build a small, vertical power generator. 

You can reduce your monthly energy bill and stockpile energy for a disaster without spending a lot of money. 

Keep reading for a complete Backyard Revolution review. 

What is Backyard Revolution all about?

Backyard Revolution is a one of a kind program to help you reduce your energy bills and gain energy independence. 

For just $200, you can create a power station that eliminates high electric bills and enables your family to enjoy your regular lifestyle. The zigzag solar array ensures you get complete sun exposure and top performance for your power station. 

If building a power generator for your home sounds like an impossible task, do not write it off just yet. Backyard Revolution shows you how to create a high quality generator with materials found at local stores. 

The step by step instructions are easy to follow for any skill level and guides you through the entire process. 

Best of all, Backyard Revolution focuses on using inexpensive materials to construct a durable power generator. There is no need to break the bank for solar panels and generators. Instead, you can spend $200 and save thousands on your monthly energy bills. 

Does it really work?

The thought of building a power generator may scare some, but Backyard Revolution has all of the information and tips you need to be successful. 

The blueprints are comprehensive and easy to follow. The zig zag solar panel array you build is powerful enough to serve as a power source for all electrical devices and reduce your overall bill for energy. 

The generator is small in size, so it can be built almost anywhere. The device is also so much more than a power generator. It serves as a disaster prevention, retreat prevention, and drought prevention device as well. In just four hours, you can be powering your lights with your own power generator, built by your hands. 

The Backyard Revolution solar panel device is easy to maintain. With your own power generator, you will not find yourself stuck without power in a crisis. 

Bad weather and other disasters can result in a loss of power, but this device will help you stay safe and keep the lights on. The comprehensive training videos will show you even the smallest details that you can watch and re-watch as needed. 

The program was built from an MIT study. Zack Benett, the creator of Backyard Revolution, designed an ebook that guides you through the entire process of building a power generator. 

He designed Backyard Revolution to provide an accessible program for power generation to anyone who is interested. 

What will you get from the Backyard Revolution system?

The Backyard Revolution system is a complete online program with text and video instructions to help you build a power generator. 

You will receive all of the information you need on finding the right supplies without spending too much money and building your generator step by step. 

There are also bonus materials included with your purchase of Backyard Revolution. You can get the “Homestead EMP Protection Protocol,” “Energy Stockpiling Secrets,” and “Homestead Alternative Energy Sources” to help you further improve your energy usage and disaster preparedness. 

Pros of Backyard Revolution

  • Backyard Revolution is a program that can be used by anyone, regardless of experience level 
  • The step by step guide is easy to follow
  • Materials are inexpensive compared to other power generators
  • The generator is small in size and can be stored in a variety of outdoor locations
  • No maintenance is needed 
  • You can lower your monthly power bill and have backup power
  • The finished product is very effective and efficient
  • A money-back guarantee ensures there is no risk of purchasing the Backyard Revolution program

Cons of Backyard Revolution 

  • The program can only be accessed online
  • Reading the instructions and constructing the device will take some time


It is easy to waste time and money on energy saving devices that do not actually work. 

The Backyard Revolution program is designed around a proven method to build a power generator and lower your monthly energy bill. 

With easy to follow instructions and helpful videos, anyone can build a generator for just $200. Lower your energy bill, stockpile energy, and feel like a pro by following the Backyard Revolution system. 

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