Lovense Domi 2: A Mini Wand Vibrator for Solo and Partner Play

Lovense Domi 2 is one of the most anticipated sex toys designed by the Lovense company. It is an improved mini wand massager that impresses with its power and numerous great features.

Domi 2 review

The dual rotating head will give the body incredible pleasure you have never had before. Lovense Domi 2 is a smart vibrator that can be used by both men and women.

Whether you are in the same room or in different countries, try using the innovative sex device and you’ll see what happens.

You’re guaranteed to enjoy magic sensations.

min wand vibrator for LDR

It’s a versatile sex toy that can be a perfect choice for couples in a long distance relationship and those who just want to gain a new sex experience.

Do you wonder what great options magic wand Domi 2 has? Is it really one of the best long-distance sex toys out there?

Before you purchase the magic wand, check the review to learn about unlimited vibration patterns and many other improvements in the new Domi vibrator.

Lovense Domi 2: Key Features of the Smart Wand Massager

Those who have already used Domi want to know what the improved version of the vibrator has.

Domi 2 specs

Don’t even doubt that the toy is worth your attention. It has got huge improvement compared to the vibrator of the previous generation.

Let’s check what Domi 2 has for you:

  • Design. Domi 2 by the Lovense company is a wand-type vibrator that has a dual rotating head for maximum comfort and a reinforced neck for the ability to apply pressure whenever you need it. You’ll fall in love with the
  • Size. Domi 2 is a mini wand vibrator that is very convenient to use anywhere you are. Thanks to the compact size, you can take it with you in the bag when you go somewhere. The exact dimensions are 3.94 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches; 10.56 Ounces. As you can see, Domi can become your companion on any trip.
  • Technology. Domi 2 is based on smart wireless technology. You can control it via a Lovense app on your smartphone. There are many interesting features like a rotating head, sound-activated vibrations, the possibility to enjoy your own patterns, and many other options. You can use the Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter to connect up to 5 Lovense toys. Enjoy custom settings with the latest version of the wand from the Lovense brand.
  • Materials. Non-toxic safe materials are used here. The vibrator of the wand-type is made of 100% body-safe silicone. The toy is water-resistant and can be used in the shower. Not all other wands are safe to use.
  • Battery. You can charge the vibrator and use it during 5-6 hours without a stop. It makes it possible to take Domi 2 with you anywhere you go and enjoy great sensations without being afraid that the vibrator will stop working at the most important moment. It is several times longer than the battery life of the previous generation.

What Is Inside the Box?

When you unbox your Lovense Domi 2, you will find the mini vibrator itself, the charging cable, and the user guide.

You are recommended to use the Lovense wand according to the instructions.

Mini Wand Vibrator for Solo Play

First, read the guidelines provided by the manufacturer and then get started. It will take you about one hour and a half to charge the vibrator for the first time.

After, you will be able to use the wand with the rotating head at a consistently high level for few hours.

Lovense Domi 2 Wand Type Vibrator: Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the advantages. What makes Domi 2 one of the favorite sex toys of any webcam model? Here are great features that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

  • Stylish design. The toy with the rotating head and a reinforced neck isn’t only safe but also stylish – the all-black silicone body and compact size make it look cool.
  • Powerful and small at the same time. Intense sensations are guaranteed. You can take Lovense Domi 2 with you and get pleasure while traveling.
  • Fits solo play and partner play. You can use the wand when you are alone or entrust control to your sex partner. According to numerous positive reviews, Lovense Domi is a completely versatile vibrator that can be used for many purposes compared to other wands that can be used for solo play only.
  • Different vibration levels. You can start with the lowest setting and reach the top with Lovense Domi 2 – the earthquake will bring you fantastic sensations you have never had before. The innovative sex product can is designed to produce strong vibrations that can give maximum satisfaction to the user. The producer offers to choose the patterns you like most and enjoy powerful vibrations synched to your favorite music.
  • Easy and fast recharging. The box contains a USB cable for easy charging. The long battery life makes it possible to enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous work. The vibrator has a built-in battery.

Are there any cons? According to those who have already used Domi Lovense toy, the following features can be considered as cons.


  • Domi 2 isn’t the cheapest vibrator to get. Most appreciate that the toy is full of innovative technologies but still consider it to be too expensive.
  • Some users admit that the Lovense app doesn’t work properly. There may be some connectivity errors.

Lovense Domi 2 for Long Distance Relationship

Are you in long distance relationships?

Then, Domi 2 app-controlled wand is one of the best choices for spicing up intimate relationships at a distance. The good news is that the toy has a remote control via a smartphone app.

Thus, it makes it a great choice for long distance sex games.

Smart Wand Massager

No matter where your partner is now – you can entrust him to control your pleasure thanks to the Bluetooth-controlled application.

Lovense Domi can provide your couple with a completely new sex experience. The toy can be used both at a long distance and when you are together (set a power level in the app and enjoy from the lowest setting to the highest one).

According to tons of positive reviews, you can be sure that the wand will help your partner reach powerful orgasms.

Many LDR couples connect the toy and use it while talking via Skype. It’s a good idea to combine such technologies as Viber, FaceTime, or Skype with Lovense toys with the remote Bluetooth control.

You can see your partner and share impressions from the sensations.

Is your partner going to have a business trip soon and you’re in the search of the sex device from Lovense?

Wand Type Vibrator

The best gift is Domi 2 wand-type vibrator. An interactive toy from the Lovense company will help to enjoy hot sex, regardless of the distance that separates your partner and you at the moment.

Just give your partner access to the application and he will control the wand via it, which is much more convenient than when you need to control the device manually.

Even if you are together right now, diversify your sex with new sensations provided by the magic vibrator that can be used for clitoral stimulation and as a massager that can bring pleasant sensations to the whole body.

How to Take Care of Lovense Domi 2?

The toy should be cleaned after each use. You can use a special cleaner for vibrators or wash it with water and antibacterial soap.

The toy is sold without any cleaner but you can buy it on the site of the producer.

Remember that you should use a water-based lubricant only if you don’t want to damage the surface of your Lovense Domi toy. Don’t forget to dry toys after washing them and placing them into the box until the next time applied.

It’s as easy as ABC. The whole process takes seconds.


  • What’s Domi 2? It’s one of the most powerful wand massagers produced by the Lovense company. It has been designed to use for the whole body. It’s an amazing innovation of the Lovense company that can be controlled via your mobile application.
  • Is the Domi 2 any good? According to users, Domi 2 is more powerful than its predecessor. It is a smart vibrator that can give incredible sensations to the whole body.
  • How do you use Lovense Domi? You won’t face any difficulties even if you use Domi 2 for the first time. Just create an account in the Lovense app and adjust all the settings according to your personal preferences. Then, you can control vibrations in hands-free mode. Sync the toy with your favorite music and use the wand
  • Is Lovense Domi 2 quiet? It is enough quiet despite the fact that it is very powerful. The second version is less noisy than the toy of the first generation.
  • How long does it take Domi 2 to charge? It takes about two hours to charge Lovense Domi to the full extent and use it for about 5-6 hours without stop.
  • How often should I clean my Domi 2? You can also buy a special cleaner for vibrators. But it isn’t a must condition. You should use simple warm water and anti-bacterial soap to clean the toy each time you apply it.
  • Should I use Domi 2 with lubricant? You are recommended to use a water-based lubricant not to damage the toy’s surface.

Final Thoughts

Let’s conclude the review of the Domi 2 toy.

So, it looks like Domi 2 is a perfect addition to your collection of Lovense sex toys, doesn’t it? It is a powerful vibrator that has a nice design and unlimited vibration patterns that are in a small compact size.

You can use the toy without being afraid that it can harm your health somehow – the toy is made of body-safe silicone. The price isn’t the lowest one but it is worth it.

You won’t regret your choice as the vibrator is based on revolutionary technologies.

Don’t forget about the effects of oxytocin on you if you have too much sex.

Sex can be great even at a distance if your partner and you can use Domi 2 with the app control.

You’ll enjoy great power, vibrations that can be adjusted according to your individual sensations, and a possibility to program your wand-type vibrator so that it helps to achieve a wow orgasm.

Don’t forget about the possibility to sync your wand with any sound. It may help to relax and enjoy amazing sensations.

Compared to other devices of the same kind, it has steady connectivity and many obvious advantages. So, don’t search further if you want to get a high-quality sex device that has a large selection of vibrations.

The reviewed wand will meet your expectations to the full extent. Give it a try and plunge into the world of powerful sensations.

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