How to Express Love in a Long Distance Relationship: 25 Ways to Show Love

It is not right for everyone to have long-distance relationships. Your family and friends will often give you a raised eyebrow or eye roll if you seriously consider it.

It is not something that many people consider a reason to stay in a relationship. Statistics also show it is not a valid reason. This 40% chance of a relationship ending in five months.

It takes courage and dedication to engage in a relationship with someone you live thousands of miles away and in a different time zone. It boils down to your level of crazy-in-love with one another.

You can make it through when your love and trust for one another surpasses distance and time.

Most relationships face the same challenge: keeping the spark alive in order to make it work. Even if you live hundreds of miles away, or halfway across the world, it is a challenge to keep the spark alive.

Without physical contact , how can you keep the flame burning . James Ingram sings “How do you make it last?”

Technology has made it easier to maintain long-distance relationships. This is a great thing.

You may want to try vibrating toys for long distance to spice things up in your relationship. It may work well even if you are not in the same city.

This technology has made the world smaller , allowing us to communicate with each other with just a few clicks .

You can use technology to instill these important behaviors that are crucial for maintaining and sustaining long-distance relationships.

  1. A declaration of love and commitment to one another
  2. Transparency with one another’s feelings.
  3. How to manage conflict gracefully
  4. Positive interactions that produce positive results and responses.
  5. Shared responsibilities and tasks.
  6. Becoming your partner’s advisor.
  7. Get support from your friends.

It doesn’t need to be difficult to show your love to your partner. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Keeping it simple is the best way to go, with a few surprises and creative touches. Your love will thrive over time. These are 20 ways to show your love for long-distance relationships.

How to show love in long distance relationships

1. Discover your love languages.

If you haven’t already done so, spend some time exploring your Love Languages or the ways you give and receive love with your partner.

Dr. Gary Chapman is a New York Times Bestseller and the creator of HTML5_ (r). He researched and discovered five fundamental ways humans experience and express love.

Chapman’s five love languages, which he outlines in his books and research are:

  1. Affirmations in Words
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Giving gifts
  4. Quality Time
  5. Physical Touch

A greater awareness of the primary love language of our partner and our own allows us to communicate better and understand one another more effectively.

Everybody gives and receives love differently. Understanding our long distance love language can help us communicate our love better from far away.

2. Get Them Food

Send your partner your favorite food and treat them. Even better, you can send lunch to his office! This is a great gesture that shows your love for him/her without even saying it.

3. Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift of care over Snail Mail

Surprise snail mail, like the “words-of-affirmation” love letters, is guaranteed to bring you happiness. Sending a thoughtful care package to your partner will brighten their day and show that you are thinking of them.

What should you include in your package? Only you know what will make them smile. Are there any food items or other items they are unable to get? How about their favorite books, snacks, and games? You can also send premade packages using services such as Package Penguin and Knack.

4. Send your partner something that will remind them of you

Double the fun by giving a thoughtful gift that serves as a reminder of you and your partner. You are likely to be missing your partner, so sending them a thoughtful gift that will keep them close is both thoughtful and comforting.

An album or scrapbook can be created with favorite photos. You can also send a reminder if your partner has any inside jokes. Do you have a favorite food or item that you eat together? Be creative.

You don’t need to have a lot of money, but you should have something in common.

Don’t forget about love language. Write something sweet to your partner.

5. Treat your partner to something extra

The price tag of your gift isn’t what’s important, as I said above. Spend as much as you can on something for your partner if you are willing and able. Are you not in this position? It’s okay!

Being kind to your partner does not necessarily require you to give up your money. This means listening and taking actions.

Are they looking for a piece of clothing that isn’t on their radar? A subscription to an app or online class they have been looking at? Perhaps they have heard of a particular restaurant but haven’t yet tried it. Is it possible to send an UberEats order to them or purchase a gift certificate?

Get the idea here …?

6. Ask Their Day…

They are feeling…

This is a crucial question that you need to ask. If your loved one doesn’t answer you, you shouldn’t assume they are doing well.

Sometimes, you have to push them a bit. This is especially true if you cannot talk to one another in person. It can be difficult to tell if someone is being truthful or trying to avoid a problem.

7. Send your partner a personalized care package

Personal care packages can be a great way to show your love and support. Have your favorite food delivered to their door, such as chocolate.

It may sound strange, but a boyfriend will love a massager as a gift for his girlfriend living thousands of miles away. This massager can provide temporary relief to relieve fatigue or stress.

8. Go on video dates

Tablets, laptops and mobile phones make it possible to do what was once impossible.

There’s no need to feel guilty about eating out at restaurants by yourself. You are just a Skype call or Facetime away from your date.

You can send your partner a gourmet food basket if they have a great taste for gourmet food. You can send your partner a gourmet food basket if they have a great taste for gourmet food.

There’s no need to make reservations at expensive restaurants. A candlelit dinner at home is possible if your partner can cook a delicious meal using the ingredients from the basket.

Another option is to go on virtual movie dates with your partner. You can choose a movie you like, and then watch them together with matching popcorn and drinks.

Although it might not be as relaxing as snuggling together in a movie theatre, doing this together can make up for the lonely nights .

Research shows that couples who have less face-to-face contact are more likely than those who see each other regularly to be jealous. This experience builds trust and commitment between the parties.

9. Regular conversations with your partner

Let them know that you think of them as the most important person in your life . To bring smiles to their faces, send them sweet words as soon as possible.

Send them off to their dreamland with warm, peaceful nights. How effective you communicate with your partner is key to long-distance relationships. Don’t allow silence to ruin the relationships you have made.

The internet made it possible for people to communicate via mobile phones and laptops. Make it work for you and show your partner how much you love and miss them.

You must remember to not overdo it. You must find a balance between regular conversations and giving your children their “me” time.

You can all agree together on the number of hours or times you should talk each day or week. So no one is left behind and everyone has something to look forward too at the end of each day or week .

10. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones, “I love you!”

Saying “I love you” every day is the simplest, but most forgotten gesture.

Cupid will be grateful to you for making their job easier. Cupid will be grateful to you for making their job easier.

11. Ask them what you can do if they have problems

You may not be able or willing to help due to distance but you can still offer your assistance in other ways.

Perhaps they just need to talk to someone. Provide solutions. You might be able to find someone who can help you, even if you don’t have the skills.

12. Do not forget to text ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Goodnight’

This is a timeless classic that you shouldn’t miss in a long distance relationship.

You might forget a few things, or you are too tired to type. It can happen, and it’s okay to feel guilty about it. But it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence.

Keep in mind that the other person may not know what you’re doing. It is impossible to see the other person next day and work together.

It’s the little things that make a difference. Tell your partner! It’s great to wake up to a nice morning text!

13. You can plan a surprise visit

It’s not always possible but I will do my best to make it happen. Perhaps you can change the date of arrival and surprise him a few weeks before the actual date.

This is the type of surprise that everyone hopes for once in their lives. It’s amazing to be surprised by someone you love, even if you don’t expect it. So romantic!

14. Talk about Physical Touch

This is the most difficult part of a long-distance relationship. It is difficult to not be able to see your partner whenever you want, to kiss them, or to sleep beside them at night.

It’s a great idea to discuss all the things you would do if you were in the same place.

Tell your partner how much you would love to be together, how you wish that you could hug them, and so on.

It’s a great time to share your memories. Use intimate love language.

If you understand what I’m talking about, you can also go to the next level. Keep in mind, however, that you can’t be comfortable talking dirty about others. You are free to talk as much as you want.

15. Video chat at least once per week

Texting is quicker and easier than ever. This is an excellent way to maintain long distance relationship hot.

It can also be frustrating to try video chat but suddenly your WiFi stops working. What happens next? Instead of feeling happy, you end up feeling frustrated.

It happens to everyone. If you don’t want to deal with connection issues, try it once per week.

It is so much more enjoyable to speak with someone than just staring at your phone screen. It’s easy to see their faces and feel safe.

16. Send videos in a long distance relationship

Almost every social media platform allows you to send short videos.

When I need to express myself, Instagram is my first choice. Have fun and be creative.

It’s possible to do it all day, so he can see your daily tasks.

Let them know how much you love and appreciate them. It’s even better when you can both hear it and look at the person that you love.

17. Create a Playlist

You can create a Spotify playlist or Youtube playlist with songs that matter to you or songs that were a part of your life together.

One was created with songs I have heard on dates and those that bring me back to him.

This playlist brings back happy memories and makes me miss him. It’s something very special!

18. You can share photos and videos privately using an app

You can create a private folder in social media apps such as Google Drive or Dropbox to share photos that are only visible to you.

You can browse the file at any time to relive the love and passion you shared.

19. Make their mornings more sweet

Surprise them by recording a song to get them up in the morning. Record something sweet to put a smiley face on their faces and give them a boost in the morning.

This can be a great thing to do in a long distance relationship.

20. You can send voice messages throughout the day

Sometimes I’m lazy and avoid texting. So I use voice messages instead. I don’t realize how special it is to do this here and there.

As I mentioned, texting is so common that we forget to switch the way we communicate with one another in a long distance relationship.

I love hearing my boyfriend tell me “I love you” It makes me so happy. Sweet love language can make your day.

21. Your artistic side is out

Draw a portrait, write a poem or compose a song. You can buy paint-by number at a craft store and follow their instructions if you don’t have any creative veins. It is your thought that matters most.

A painting is worth a thousand words. It is the effort you put into it that matters most. This makes your gift unique and unlike any other art by Da Vinci. You are not looking for perfection, but love and passion. Yes, love language can be expressed through art.

Photo clips are the best way for techie boyfriends to surprise their artistic girlfriends.

Print several photos and attach them to a string of LED fairy lights. You can now decorate her bedroom with a memento of your time together in a long distance relationship.

22. Give your partner a tangible reminder of your love by giving it to them.

You can gift your partner something cozy and comfortable, such as a blanket, stuffed animal or sweater they can cuddle up with when you aren’t there.

Spray this with your perfume/cologne if you have one to make it smell like you. Do not wear one. Use your favorite laundry detergent to wash this item. Scents can trigger memories in a powerful way. They can make you feel close even though you are far away.

23. Listen to What They Have to Say

Long distance relationships can be made more meaningful by listening. You are likely to be his best friend and the first person to hear about anything important.

They will be sad and want to talk to you. Love language is important.

It is possible for time differences to cause problems. There are many ways to make the situation work.

You just need to take the time to listen in a long distance relationship.

Keep in mind that you cannot see each other at all times, so it is important that they know you are there for them when they need you.

24. They are important to you, so don’t ignore them when you’re out

You know that you are busy with friends, and don’t pay attention to your phone constantly, but you also have someone on the other end who is excited to talk with you and wants to make sure you are safe and okay.

People who are not in a long distance relationship don’t realize the importance of constantly checking their phones.

I don’t have to be on my phone all the time, but I do check social media. I only need to communicate with my boyfriend.

Talk to him/her about where you are going and what your plans are for the night.

You can’t leave the phone unanswered for a whole night if you’d like to keep a good long distance relationship. He will worry, and he’ll feel ignored if we don’t respond quickly and easily.

25. Create a YouTube playlist with videos

Funny videos and creepy videos are my favorites. That is something my boyfriend knows and we watch them together.

It’s great to create a playlist of videos that you think your partner will like.

It’s a great way to say “I know what you like”.

Conclusion on How to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship

There are many ways to show love in a long distance relationship. Use these proven tips to make your long distance relationship work and you’ll be amazed with the results. You can write a love letter and send it over snail mail. Love language is important as well.

Physical touch is also important in a long distance relationship. However, with these awesome vibrating panties with remote control, you don’t have to be in the same room.

No matter what tip you choose, remember that you should be sincere to make your partner feel loved.

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