How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work (10 Actionable Tips)

We are living in the age of texting, FaceTime, and Instagram. New technologies can’t substitute physical contact but they make it much easier to maintain long distance relationships.

It doesn’t mean that it is as easy as ABC to be many miles away from the partner. But you shouldn’t wait until he/she sends you a letter via post. You can see your beloved online via Skype daily.

Would you like to know how to make long distance relationship work?

Awesome! I’ve got some actionable and proven long distance relationship tips for you.

Devote Time to Each Other Regularly

Some couples live in the same house and don’t feel that they are close while others are miles away from each other and manage to keep love. There are certain rules you should follow to succeed in long distance relationships.

First of all, plan your schedule. It may be hard if you live in different time zones. But still, you need to devote at least several minutes a day to see your partner. Thanks to modern technology, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

long dist: devote time to each other regularly

Even if you are busy at work, don’t write messages like: “Sorry, dear, I lack the time for personal communication this week”. It’s a big mistake in long distance relationships as you should do your best to help your partner feel your presence in his/her life constantly.

Don’t let time zones and working schedules ruin relationships with your long distance partner.

Discuss Your Future Plans

How to make long distance relationship work? What’s the next step? You both should have a clear idea of how long you have to live separately and when you’ll be able to see the partner in real. Talk to your partner about your worries and fears, if there are any.

Share your plans for the future often to find out whether you see your future life the same way. Every couple in long distance relationships should have something to look forward to no matter what distance is between them.

Each of you should be sure that the partner treats long distance relationships seriously.

Actually, it’s easier to maintain relationships living in different countries when you know how long they will last in the online format. You need to set a goal for your relationships and do your best to achieve it.

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work: Stay Connected Using Modern Technology

Before people in long distance relationships didn’t have such a wide selection of communication technologies. They suffered from the inability to talk to the partner when they wanted to share something important.

Fortunately, now you can communicate with your partner using a large variety of tools to feel geographically close. Communication via Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime should become a daily ritual for long distance couples.

How to make long distance relationship work: stay connected using modern technology

Actually, you should look forward to talking to your partner often and know that he/she is waiting for the moment to connect. When you stay connected regularly, you don’t feel that you are miles away from each other.

Of course, nothing can compare to physical intimacy. But it is important to talk to each other daily and see the reaction to words. How to spend time together when you can’t see one another in real life?

There are many ways how you can make long distance relationship work. Here are the tips from really happy long distance couples.

  • “My boyfriend and I always watched movies together even being miles away. We turned on Skype to see each other’s emotions and create the illusion of physical presence. We used Netflix service to watch the film together when we could not be geographically close.” – Kristina says.
  • “We had to live separately for a year but we did our best to stay connected. It’s easier than ever thanks to FaceTime technology. We could turn on the camera when each of us was at home and watched how the day of the partner was going. It seemed that we were together even being far apart.” – Ann says.
  • “My long distance partner had to come back to me in a month but because of the Covid, he couldn’t cross the border. I was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to maintain long distance relationship for another half a year. But then, we tried using all possible ways of communication to talk daily using WhatsApp, video chatting, and we managed to feel closer than ever before. Long distance can’t ruin your relationship if you really love one another and try to spend time together” – Marry says.
  • “I really love using Telegram and I’m going to send short videos of everything I do to my partner. She does the same during the day to create the illusion that we are geographically close. I feel that she is somewhere around and I feel her love staying connected the most part of the day”. – Brian says.

Share Important Moments and Celebrate Holidays Together

One of the most significant conditions for having long-lasting relationships is the habit to share emotions and thoughts. Your long distance partner should know what you are thinking about, what you do daily, and this very moment.

It doesn’t mean that you should write reports about all your actions every day. It is great when both partners live the same life no matter how far away they are.

  • “We spend two years being apart but my husband was the first person who I told any news. He was miles away from me but he guessed my emotions easily. It seemed that we had a mental connection. I’m going to tell him about everything that disturbs me during my whole life no matter where he is. ” – Emily says.
  • “ It may sound strange but the best St.Valentine I had was when my partner was on a business trip. I got up early in the morning from the doorbell. It was a courier with flowers and my favorite chocolate candies. Later, Mike wrote a post about how he loved me on Instagram and made a video with our photos. It was so cute. I called my partner via Skype and we spent the whole evening together drinking champagne and celebrating the holiday. He did his best for me to feel he was close and I understood how much he loved me. I think that long distance can even strengthen relationships.” – Katherine says.

Spice Up Relations Using Sex Toys

How to make long distance relationship work even better? Communication via Skype showing what you do daily is a good idea. But you need to spice up long distance relationship from time to time for your partner not to think about anybody else.

how to make a relationship last long-distance: use sex toys

Long distance couples know that it is easier to be attracted by someone else when you are far away from each other.

The best way to spice up a relationship is to send naughty videos where you are half-naked or naked, use sex toys for couples who are in the long distance relationship, and share your intimate desires.

There are many sex toys designed for those who are miles away. Intimacy plays an important role in relationships. So, what are you going to do to fulfill your partner’s sex fantasies? Get a couple of toys that can be used by partners and give a gift he/she won’t resist.

Actually, many men and women in the long distance relationship say that Onyx2 and Pearl 2 are a good choice. Nora and Max by Lovense have won great popularity among the couples who stay far away from each other. The main advantage of such toys is that they can be controlled by the partner.

You just use sex toys and an app on smartphones together to manage the sensations of your partner. You can talk about your fantasies via Skype and turn on video. If you are a little bit shy, then, use just sexting without a video chat.

However, as an expert in LDR, I recommend showing your body at the moment of getting orgasm if you want your partner to think about your sexual intercourse and satisfaction with you in real.

When you are really new to online dating with sex toys, you may think that it isn’t for you. But after you try to date your beloved via Skype and have some kind of virtual sex together, you’ll see that it can be fun.

Remember that you shouldn’t insist on anything when you have such a Skype video chat. Take all the decisions together to make your long distance relationships maximum comfortable for both of you.

You can ask your beloved to use sex toys and get a really new experience but if he/she doesn’t want to do it now, just say that you’re going to wait patiently. Sex toys are really helpful when you don’t have a partner by your side for long.

Using toys and looking at the sexy photo of your partner, you feel as if you were having sex in real life. Actually, you can reach orgasm together by spending time online.

Trust Your Partner Wherever He/She Is

Trust is the basis, the foundation of any relationship. When you are in the long distance relationships, it may be a little bit harder to trust your partner.

However, you should decide for yourself that it is useless to phone him/her every minute and feel puzzled when he/she doesn’t answer the phone call.

  • You should always trust your partner, regardless of his/her geographical location. If you think that your woman or man can betray you, then, there is no sense to continue such relationships and be together. You should understand that if you love each other and are close, then, nobody will be able to destroy your relationships no matter how many miles you are away.
  • Remember that jealousy has ruined the relationships of many couples. You won’t be able to plan your mutual future without trust. Work on your relationships. Become the perfect match for your beloved instead of being afraid that he/she will meet the person who will be more ideal than you are.
  • Don’t give any reasons for your partner to feel even a little bit jealous. Some women like it when their men feel jealous and post photos on social networks to provoke their men. It isn’t the best strategy if you want to build a happy family with the person when he comes back from his business trip.
  • Remember one important thing: each person should have personal space. It’s the way you should behave when you are together and when you are apart. Let your beloved meet friends or plan trips with the family while you are busy with the things that are important for you. Being together means compromising and giving freedom to each other.

Some couples think that long distance relationships give an opportunity to check how serious the partner is about you. It’s a check for both people in relationships. If you miss each other and devote much time to the partner, then, long distance will help you to value your love even more than before.

In case one of the partners becomes more distant and always asks where you are, it may mean that he/she doesn’t trust you because he/she thinks that you can do the same things as he/she.

According to the statistics, most jealous men and women behave like this because they understand that they could betray their partners. They think that all people are like them.

No trust – no happy relationships. It is important to keep this in mind and show your partner that you are sure that he/she is the only one for you instead of tyranny. I asked my friends about it. Here’s what they say.

“Even though he was in another country, I was confident in our long distance relationships. There wasn’t a day when I thought that he could betray me with another girl.” – Miriam says.

“It was difficult for me to be calm all the time because I am a jealous person. Even though we were together for years before the long distance relationships, it was hard not to be a part of his daily life until we started to use video chatting and all possible communication channels.

I understood that trust is the next must-have for any long distance relationships, besides communication and respect to each other’s personal space.” – Kate says.

Try to Spend Not More than 3 Months Apart from Each Other

If you have an opportunity to spend at least a weekend with the partner, then, postpone business and plan a surprise for your beloved. You can buy flowers and champagne and phone your beloved as if you were far away.

Don’t say your lady you are in her city already. Just come and give her tons of emotions.

According to many couples who have already had an experience of being apart for a long period, it is possible to maintain long distance relationships even if you are apart for a year or longer. But it is easier when you see each other from time to time.

If you could have a vacation, it’d be great to spend it with your partner. It isn’t that hard to be apart within 3 months but with time it may be a tough thing.

That’s why it is important not to miss an opportunity to come to your partner and see one another to experience physical warmth and emotions, embrace, and kiss to endure the next period of separation easier.

“I’ll never forget the day when Mike has called me and said that he was at the store. But then I heard the doorbell, I thought it was my friend. But it was he! I didn’t even know about his vacation. He was standing with roses and smiling at me. It’s the best surprise in my life!” – Karina says.

Send Gifts and Post Cards

It is a big mistake to use modern technology only when you can’t be together. If your partner has a birthday, don’t just send a picture with wishes on WhatsApp or Telegram.

Just imagine how happy she will be if she opens the door and sees a courier with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Your partner will be impressed by your care and attention. It’s great when you can get a physical gift from the person you love.

how to stay emotionally connected in a long distance relationship

And don’t think too much on how to make long distance relationship work. Just make a little pleasant present for your beloved one!

Some couples think that it is romantic to send postcards to each other, besides online communication. Nothing can compare to the feeling when you take the envelope and read the letter written by your dear person.

You see his/her handwriting, imagine how he/she is sitting and writing the letter for you.

Postcards with some fun stickers can add something special to your relationships. You can agree on some topics. For example, each of your letters should reveal one more personal thing about your life.

There are many variations on what to write about. If you have an opportunity to talk to a dear person online regularly, then, write deep letters about your plans for the future, reveal your secrets, or share sexual fantasies.

It is up to you to decide what to write about. The main thing is to open your soul and mind.

How to make long distance relationship work? Does your heart grow fonder? Don’t hide emotions to make long distance relationships intimate and as close as possible. Share them with the partner when you spend time apart.

“I decided to write a postcard for the New Year to my husband who was in another city. He said that we could exchange congratulations online but later he agreed that it’s an amazing feeling when you open and read a real handwritten letter.

If I have a business trip next time, I will write letters regularly as it is a very romantic tradition.” – my friend Emily says.

Set a Goal and Both Work towards That Goal

How to make long distance relationship work? Long distance relationship is your chance to take time and think about whether it is exactly what you need.

If you are sure that you have found your soulmate and the perfect match, think about your future. Can you guarantee that you’ll be able to build a family with the person?

Many people have long distance relationships when they are studying at a college or work in different countries. When you are a college student, you have many different opportunities in your personal life.

If you have taken a decision to be in the long distance relationships, then, you should set a goal and see a clear picture of your common future.

Make sure that your partner thinks the same as you and doesn’t have doubts that it is worth waiting for long to see each other. Make a plan on how to achieve your goal and discuss it with your beloved.

Do your best to achieve it step by step where each of you should play his/her role, regardless of long distance.

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work: Agree on the End Date

Dating online is a good way to maintain relationships at a long distance but dating via modern technology can’t last for years. You should discuss when you can meet in real life.

It is much easier to live on a long distance when you know when the end date is. Some couples use a calendar where they cross each day they have left apart.

It is a good way to see how much time has passed and how much you need to wait to be with the person you love. When there are several days left, you’ll feel enthusiastic when looking at the calendar. When you have an end date, it is not the long distance relationships where everything is unclear.

The end date helps to understand that it’s just the period when you need to live apart but the distance will be just the period in your memory when you are together again. Try to be patient and schedule your online dating until the real meeting.

Meet friends, work, be engaged in some hobby not to feel depressed. Follow the tips for maintaining long distance relationship and you’ll definitely succeed if you love each other.

Time apart will pass quickly if you use any chance to stay connected and feel confident in your relationships.

Have any other ideas on how to make long distance relationship work? Share them in the comments below!

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