How to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship Sexually (Ultimate Guide)

Living far from your beloved one is a tough experience. You miss all those cute things like embraces, kisses, and touches of your partner. Intimacy and physical connection play an important role in relationships.

Some couples may even break up as they don’t know how to spice up a long distance relationship sexually.

Do you want your partner to feel crazy about you even when you are thousands miles away? Here’s the great news! From cute sexting to using the best long distance sex toys, there are many ways to make long-distance relationship work.

Would you like to know them?

How to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship Sexually (Ultimate Guide)

Start with Sexting and Erotic Conversations

Being physically apart doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain intimacy. Aren’t you ready to send erotic videos? Get started with writing erotic texts. There are many ways to say I love over text.

It’s a good way to feel closer to your partner and share long distance kinky ideas.

First, you may feel a bit shy but with time you’ll feel comfortable. Initiate conversations on erotic themes and share your intimate desire. Such messages will help your partner to feel that you want him/her and don’t think of anybody else.

Make sure that you don’t send the same messages twice. The best way to attract the attention of your partner is to talk about your secret desires. Do you have no idea what to write about?

Here are long distance relationship sexting tips for couples who want to feel close no matter how far away they are from each other.

  • Send super hot sexting messages for him or something like “Guess what I am thinking about now”, “I have planned something for you. Do you have any ideas what it is?” “I saw a wild dream about you last night”, etc. when you are in the house, at the supermarket, or anywhere else.
  • Describe all your fantasies in detail. Your task is to help your partner to see the picture in his/her head and want you more and more with each word described. Don’t miss any detail. Choose the hit romantic song and ask him/her to listen to it when you describe each movement.
  • Remind your partner about your first meeting and romantic moments you had when you were together. Pleasant memories will make your partner’s heartbeat faster and feel warm and cozy.
  • Share how to satisfy yourself in an LDR, tell about your secret erotic desires and what you’d like to do when you are together again. Believe it, your man/woman will feel really hot when you describe everything in detail.
How to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship Sexually (Ultimate Guide)

Send Your Partner Naughty Photos and Erotic Audio Messages

Don’t you know how to handle a long distance relationship sexually? You shouldn’t limit yourself to text messages. Send naughty pics to your partner. Wear sexy lingerie and make a selfie. Make sending erotic photos a daily tradition.

The best time for sending naughty pics is before going to bed. It’s a good idea to add an audio message to a pic.

Say how much you miss your partner and want to feel him/her by your side. “I go to bed now and think of your gentle kisses all over me”. Don’t look for any special reason to send some cute text.

Exchanging erotic pics with the naked part of your figure is a great way to spice things up. Just imagine how hot it is to hear the voice of your partner via the phone. Don’t be shy to record messages about your wish to have sex with your partner as soon as possible.

How to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship Sexually (Ultimate Guide)

Have a Fun with Bond Touch Bracelets

Do you wonder how to keep sex interesting in a long distance relationship? Send your partner an original gift – a bond touch bracelet. Who said that it is impossible to feel the touch of your partner when he/she is kilometers away from you?

Original sensory bond touch bracelets are able to bring together those who, for various reasons, often have to live separately because of business trips or other circumstances. With the help of this toy, you can send touches to your soul mate from anywhere you are.

A light vibration simulating touch comes along with a light indication. It’s going to be a real game-chnager! Try the mobile application. It is going to prompt you on the color to select to start having fun and joy with toys.

The add-on is also available to view the history of touches, the current status of the partner, and his/her location. Touch bracelets are supplied in two.

Both accessories are made in the same design, but if you wish, you can easily purchase another strap – silicone or leather. Its slim profile and small footprint make a bond touch the perfect fit for any wrist. You don’t have to go to the sex shop- just place an order online for these romantic products.

How to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship Sexually (Ultimate Guide)

Try Remote Control Sex Toys for Long Distance Relationships

The next stage is to use sex toys for LDRs. Many men wonder how to satisfy a woman sexually long distance using Skype. Today, it is as easy as ABC thanks to remote control sex toys designed for couples that can’t touch each other at the moment.

Get such a toy for two and satisfy your partner wherever you are. It’s an incredible sensation, especially, in combination with role play.

For this, you need to install an application on your smartphone and have a completely new sex toy experience together. Your partner can try to control your pleasure remotely using a vibrator via a mobile app.

Using sex toys in LDR is another solution for those who can’t touch each other in real life. You will be able to satisfy the sexual fantasy of your man/woman any time no matter how many miles separate you now.

It is up to you to choose the intensity of the vibration and stimulation and start the sex session.

Moreover, you can combine texting and try using a lot of toys as there are hands-free stimulation functions. You don’t have to resist sex during LDR. Try a large variety of sex toys that you can control, regardless of your location, and help your partner feel orgasm thanks to intense vibrations.

Try to use your hands not for stimulation but for writing naughty things to your beloved.

How to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship Sexually (Ultimate Guide)

Spice It Up with a Funny and Exciting Long-Distance Sex Game

Living in the 21st century, you can use many methods to spice up relationships on a long distance and feel mutual excitement from sex virtual reality. So, how to keep a long distance relationship hot?

Someone would say that the most effective solution is to play an exciting game with your lover. You can either buy it or get inspired by the ideas on the web and create it on your own.

For example, you can get a game with cards for each partner where both of you need to share dirty sex ideas. Many couples create their own games with their own rules. It’s very fun and interesting.

Do you have any ideas on how to arouse your man in a long distance relationship? There is more than one method to make your lover crazy about you in LDR, regardless of how far away you are from him now.

  • Make sending erotic videos your daily ritual. You can turn on a cam when you are taking a shower or trying on lingerie. Any professional sex therapist will tell you that a video is much more effective than a photo. When you move on to the video and zoom your body charms, your man wants you more and more. Send a new photo in the morning and a hot video in the evening and vice versa. Don’t forget about facetime wherever you are.
  • Think of one role game or more games you could play being in different cities or countries. Make sex over the phone trying different roles. Of course, take into account the individual preferences of your partner. He/she will know you’re thinking about him/her regularly and create new images for him/her.
  • Send pics of yourself and ask your partner to gather all of the parts into a puzzle. Your partner will wait for the next photo with the part of your sexy torso, etc. impatiently. People who have used this way of spicing up things say that it works wonders in LDR.
  • Turn on Skype and masturbate together. All people know that it is effective to exchange your emotions and tell what you feel when you are close. It’s even more important when you are far away from each other. Your partner will look at you and feel hot. If you use sex toys, you’ll get maximum pleasure from virtual sex and LDR. Let your partner tell you what you should do next and where he/she wants you to touch yourself.
  • Think of some sex challenge for both of you. For example, some people ask partners to masturbate every day in different positions and show them pictures daily.

FAQ About LDRs

Is Sexting Good for Long Distance Relationships?

Long distance lovemaking can take place via messages. It’s an effective way to make your partner want you and think about you round-the-clock. Send erotic messages regularly to keep a sexual spark between your partner and you.

How Do You Spice up a Long Distance Relationship?

The most effective way is sending hot pics daily. Talk about sexual desires and use sex toys on the remote control. Your beloved should know you’re thinking about sexual intimacy with him only.

How Can I Be Intimate in a Long Distance Relationship?

Today, you can be kilometers apart from your partner and be intimate at the same time. For this, you may wear bond touch bracelets and let your beloved know that he/she isn’t alone. You can use different types of communication to feel that you are close to your partner. SMS, audio messages, and erotic videos where you use a sex toy will help you to spice up relationships wherever you are.

How Can I Satisfy My Long Distance Relationship Sexually?

If you want your partner to think of you only, don’t forget to make him/her want you and dream of the day you’ll have a chance to enjoy intimacy in reality. Show intimate pics and videos where you are half-naked. First, you should send pics and videos where you flirt and not show all your naked body. Let him/her use fantasy to imagine how you look now.

How Do I Make My Long Distance Girlfriend Want Me More?

Send your woman erotic and romantic messages daily. She must feel that she is the only one for you on the whole Earth. She will want you more if you send her hot pics of your body and share your sex fantasies. One of the effective ways to satisfy a woman virtually is to give her a remote panty vibrator and control her sensations by using a mobile app.

How Do You Make Him Love You More in a Long Distance Relationship?

Most women wonder how to keep LDR hot. The answer is simple. You should make your man feel special and loved wherever you are. Send him hot texts about your dirty fantasies about him and make naughty pics regularly. He must know that you wait for him and imagine your romantic evening with a night full of passion.

How Do I Tease My Boyfriend Long Distance?

If you don’t know how to make a long distance relationship work sexually, follow the tips here. First, you should do your best for him not to forget how beautiful and sexy you are. Send him erotic photos from your bedroom or bath throughout the day. Tease your boyfriend with short sex videos from time to time where you are half-undressed.

How Do You Turn a Guy on Long Distance?

Turn on your Skype and touch yourself to spice up your sex life. You will turn your partner if you masturbate on cam. You can use remote control toys for two and share how you feel. If you are shy to use a cam, then, phone sex is another good solution for you. It’s high time to check sex tips on the web if you don’t have much experience in talking about sex and feel confused each time when your sex partner asks to send him/her some dirty message.

How Do You Build Intimacy In a Long Distance Relationship?

You can build intimacy in many different ways. It is up to you to choose the one that fits your beloved one best. You can combine all the possible ways to spice up your love when being kilometers away from your sweetheart. They are phone sex, cybersex, snail mail, dirty pics, sex toys, and products, or videos throughout the day. Just use your imagination and improve your sexuality.

How Do You Keep LDR Happy?

If you love each 0ther and want to maintain your love feelings, follow these tips: find time for communication every day, talk dirty with each other to spice up your sex life. You can do this with the help of phone sex, video sex, and sex toy games on camera. If you’re attracted to each other and plan to be together no matter what, remember that it is a hard experience.

Is Sexting Good for a Long Distance Relationship?

It is one of the very first things you should do if you wonder how to make love in LDRs. Communication plays a vital role in building a strong connection. Text messages with intimate content will help you to stop being shy and feel free to describe all of your actions in detail.

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