Lovense Ferri Review: The Only Panty Vibrator You Need?

So I’ve been on an panty vibrator obsession lately. It brings life to a new level. Also, I am happy about my multi-tasking skills drinking a drink and getting my ldr partner to send the vibes my way where I want them to be shared (yes, in my panties).

My latest little wearable vibration habit has me bouncing around with various vibrating sounds that are hidden in my pocket. In case you’re not able to make it past the first paragraph or two – this powerful panty vibrator by Lovense Ferri is currently my favorite. This is it!

This Lovense Ferri review will go through the most amazingly risky details about the top reasons why it has to be part of your sexy toy collection now.

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My Lovense Ferri Review: The Reasons It’s One of My Top Lovense Toys

Oooh! Lovense Ferri toy is the equivalent of an amazing Lush 2 vibrator. (I call it a nasty pink tail toy) Finally, Lovense has released a great wearable panty vibrator!

The thing is that for the majority of people who have clits experience exclusively, vaginal orgasms are very difficult to attain.

Moreover, I was curious to know whether Ferri could outperform the We-Vibe Moxie vibe in terms of orgasms.

Therefore, of course my instinct for ranking sex toys for long distance relationships urges me to examine the strengths of Ferri panty vibrator against Lovense Lush and We-Vibe Moxie.

They are all panty remote wearable vibrators. I’ll let you know the experience I’ve got with Ferri (just like with other Lovense vibrators) is amazing.

What is the Lovense Ferri?

A comfortable, quiet, and low-key panty vibrator designed to stimulate the clitoral area. It comes with an extremely strong magnetic clip which works with all panty.

This Lovense Ferri panty vibrator is sturdy enough to be used when walking or standing, sitting or lying down, as well as for play in public.

This toy is programmable with app control featuring 3 levels of vibration with up to 10 different patterns.

One of the cool features of Ferri is that it allows users to get an app called the “Lovense Remote” application to make the toy completely customizable, with unlimited designs that they can choose from! The app is available for free through Google Play and on the App Store.

The Lovense Ferri (full product page here) is a small-sized vibrator, which is slightly curled to rest between your thighs. The soft, bright smooth pank silicone is a powerful vertical ridges. The center one forming most often, which is due to the additional pressure on the clit.

The clit-touching side on the underside, just over… Now for the crucial part of the Lovense Ferri’s top side that is the magnetic clips. The black oval at the top is removable

…You remove the black oval magnetic, then place Ferri in your underwear, and then put the magnet back on your outer edgeof the underwear. Maintaining Ferri snugly against your clit so that it won’t move to much.

The idea of a magnetic clip was first introduced by We-Vibe in its Moxie Panty Vibe–discussed more in opposition to Ferri sex toy in just a few minutes. And it’s a great idea for wear that is stable.

As we’ve mentioned, Ferri has this powerful ridge that runs across the middle. It’s the most striking design element It really gives you a feeling as the wearer sit upon it. Sitting is the best way to experience it, IMO…

My Ferri Testing: Ready for a Crazy Party in Panties?

I’d like to add in my Lovense Ferri review that I give this toy 10 points out of 10. I love gentle clitoral stimulation delivered by this powerful panty vibrator.

When I took the Ferri sex toy in its small box (so small, it’s more waste!) and inspected how sturdy it was I played. Against my clit using my fingers first to find out more about the strength when pressure was applied. I then clipped it to my underwear to experience an IRL panty vibration experience.

I was lulled by Ferri’s second speed for long time and let it grumble-bzzz at me as I typed the words. There were so many sex toys, all of which require the correct descriptors. A little sceptical, with Ferri delighting me with a smile.

Lovense Ferri is an app controlled sex toy with a great variety of fancy app functions. I love lovense music sync feature. It makes my sex life so exciting!

There are 10 custom patterns and many cool features like partner control via lovense remote app. I love to use Lovense app for solo play as well. You can use it in the same room or long distance.

The top speed setting is the best way for Ferri gasps, however. I was able to crank it up and felt that final blast of energy. I sat backand felt my thighs were twitching slightly, and my clit throbbed in a raging way. It was throbbing with blood; breaking like waves of sensation I was certain I could let go to the gasp.

I should say the battery life is pretty much solid.

I felt myself releasing my legs, but then I started at rubbing my neck and down over the ridge. I was rubbing my hips to raise this line of solid silicone which is the main focus of Ferri’s body with a textured surface.

Its fingers width is full of powerful vibrating. It’s not the most powerful not at all, but it’s powerful. (If you’re new to magic Wands, it will feel extremely powerful.)

That’s how I get on my Lovense Ferri best, by myself, slowing down and grinding and pushing myself to the edge.

Walking around with it, it’s more challenging. However, I could do it when I were in the right mood along with the proper companion who was guiding me.

Because Ferri is an extremely fun toy to play with as a pair to explore the exchange and take of down power, up power as well as Do you like it? If you’re looking to add an element of excitement to your dinner out with your faithful lover or partner, then Ferri is the best choice.

I go out only with my friends (who I’m not going to) in the present and I’ve been wear Ferri on this particular week walking. It’s a great idea to begin your adventure by playing in public walking in the neighborhood or wherever vehicles are moving through, to assess (1) the noise level as well as (2) your level of comfort the surroundings.

This is a great way to have enjoyable and slightly uncomfortable, but you’re not as exposed as you were to a venue that is public and worried about the sound. Because Ferri isn’t the most peaceful of vibes and especially when you’re sitting in a completely quite place.

Ferri’s magnet clip has held the vibrator well but only when I really put my pelvis against something. That’s when I decided to ride my bike with Ferri on, I didn’t know the extent to how far the seat could push Ferri to my pelvis as I spread my legs and I was placing it.

This is the moment that Ferri began to move and push up ahead on my pubic dorsum. (Sitting at your bottom usually does not cause this issue.) A side note: my bike’s rolling completely over Ferri’s music.

Ferri as Lush 2, has 3 steady speed of vibration and four vibration patterns integrated. You can switch between them using the button for power.

It’s hard to reach the button when it’s located in the center the pelvic floor therefore, you should make use of the app in a position where grabbing at your underwear might be noticed. You can store your clothes in a bag to use if you’re engaged in a game with others and have to get rid of Ferri at any time!

I’m a huge fan of steady speed 2 before transitioning into the high-pitched range of steady speed 3 for the final. However, the Lovense app provides the ability to customize your control. More about that in the next.

The Most Important Features of Lovense Ferri

1. Make your own customized 10 vibrations

One of the most important aspects I love regarding this Lovense Ferri is that it is a toy that can be programmed.

I can customize the frequency of my vibrations to a appropriate to my body’s requirements.

Everybody has their own sensitivities to clitoral. Some prefer it tough (like me) while others like being made fun of.

Whatever your style is, you are free to choose what you prefer and to design at least 10 different patterns.

When you’ve discovered your groove You can save it then the Lovense “Smart Button” will store the settings you used earlier when you need them, even if the device isn’t connected to your mobile.

2. Bluetooth Remote Control

Since the Ferri is controlled by remote via Bluetooth it is possible to make use of it for close-range control, long distance controlling (give the Ferri to your friend and let them decide which way they want to delight you) and even to sync with your music.

You can download Lovense Ferri app from a Google Play store.

3. Waterproofing My Waterfall

It is the Lovense Ferri can be described as 100 water-proof (IPX 7. Standard) like the majority of others Lovense vibrators. This means that it’s capable of surviving the penetration of water in any wet and fun activity.

The vibrator is able to fight against water droplets in the shower, and can completely submerged while you take an enjoyable bath.

My preferred method is to sew it onto the bikini top and then jump into the pool for a sexy time .

4. Extremely Long-Lasting Battery that lasts for a long time

There is no need for batteries here. The Ferri can be fully recharged using an USB charge cable, as well as an Li-Ion battery.

The battery lifespan on this Lovense Ferri is up to the 195 minute mark, or nearly 3 half hours. It’s great for when you’re having dinner out and want to take the Ferri along for a bit of enjoyment!

It can take up to 60 minutes or one hour to fully charge. It will be clear that you’re full when that red light is turned off.

While charging, I noticed how the magnet charger would only function if it’s properly positioned, so if you don’t see any red lights blink, then rotate the cable by at minimum 180 degrees.

What comes next in my Lovense Ferri review?

5. Wearable & Comfortable Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator

Made from body-safe ABS plastic and silicone Made of ABS plastic and body safe silicone, the Lovense Ferri app controlled panty sex toy can comfortably fit into any type of underwear. Just check these specs:

  • It weighs 35 grams or 1.2 Ounces
  • 2.93 x 1.06 2.93 x 1.06 0.83 1.06 x 0.83 0.96 inches. That’s 74.5 27 21 24.5 mm. 24.5 millimeters
  • The noise level at the top frequency is 43 dB.

How Can Use Lovense Ferri to Get the Most Out of It?

To switch on the Lovense Ferri, hold down the power button for three minutes. It is also possible to turn the device off by this method too.

After you have you have the Lovense Ferri all charged up put it into your pants and attach a magnetic clip to the outside to ensure it’s easily secured.

The power button is pressed again to go through the various sound effects. It’s so simple!

You’re now ready to have fun. Here are some suggestions you can try out to get maximum enjoyment out of your new sex toys:

  • To keep it private in public or tranquil settings, change the vibrating setting to low on the app.
  • If you are planning to make use of lubricant, ensure that it’s water-based.
  • Setting the medium, high as well as low setting to meet your preferences is easy to manage within the app.
  • The app lets you keep up to 10 unique vibrational patterns within the application and then save them for later when you discover the one you like!

Lovense Ferri Review: Long Distance Connectivity

In terms of being connected even with long distance connectivity – I’ve been extremely pleased with lovense ferri! Certain apps can move more slowly or just simple glitchy when connected remotely. However, this isn’t the case with any Lovense tool I’ve ever used.

It usually stays connected for me, even when I lock my phone or use other applications. It truly can make ALL an impact. For instance, when my husband and me tried our hand at the We-Vibe Chorus long distance, it worked flawlessly at first. However, once it was disconnected, it was extremely difficult to to reconnect and all the time needed to get it back up and running again it brought down my mood.

This is why I wear the Chorus most often during the sex with partners to get hands-free stimulation and unique G-spot tension. Also, if I’m trying to play with friends in a quiet setting the Chorus is by far the most silent wearable I’ve tried.

Wearing the Lovense Ferri – Is It Fashionable?

There are several elements to consider when analyzing the umbrella of “wearability.”

If there’s one thing that I am most passionate about, it’s my ease of use. When it comes to toys that are used in public, this is particularly vital. Because it’s not possible to just adjust things at the present.

Ferri All-Confidentiality

It is the Ferri wears externally and is attached magnetically with your clothing. It’s positioned beneath you, but it is moved towards the front. Since it is attached to the clothing you’re wearing, your clothes selections affect the degree of comfort.

The panties and pants to be as tight to keep the toy in place and add pressure. However, you shouldn’t make things so stiff and rigid that they press against your skin in a painful way.

To me, this toy is among the most comfortable of all the vibrators I’ve tested. It’s among the most compact and minimally intrusive. It doesn’t require any component to be worn inside.

The only thing I needed to be more careful about was sitting. Since the toy actually sits directly below your pubic bone when you sit with it placed too far forward may cause a bit of pressure.

It’s simple to resolve it by locating the right location for you.

Lovense Ferri Long Distance Control

In the event that you and your spouse are long distance – Lovense Ferri is here to help. If you’re not long-distance… might be able to you could send your partner away for an entire weekend. Since the control-sharing features in this toy could create some enjoyable times.

Connect with a partner through the Lovense App by clicking to add them or by accepting their request.

They’ll remain on your list of saved contacts, so you’re able to quickly connect to them at any time you’d like. You’ll see the green checkmark on their name whenever they’re online. You can also unblock any connection or even block at any time.

If your partner are online, they are able to communicate with one another via chat messages and recording voice messages or sending pictures, sending a vibration pattern, initiating the call with a video or voice call or giving them the control of the toy.

Text as well as voice-messages are great and all but let’s be real the video and toy controls are the place where things really start to get heated. Let’s talk about the subject a bit more

You can send an request to be the controller of your friend’s toy or ask them to take the control of your toy. In either case, both parties to agree.

The person who controls the toy has complete control of the toy until one person has ended the game.

It’s impossible to control both the same toy at the same time. This is a feature I’d like Lovense (and different brands) could implement.

So to date, I’ve seen no toys with this feature. Sometimes I can pinpoint exactly what my body requires at the moment and I would like to be able to provide myself that even if my companion is attached to my toy.

To do this I need to gain control over the Lovense Ferri. You can end the playmate’s control over your doll at any time.

The player who’s been granted control of the toy is given the same options for controlling as the model with the shorter range. The screen will look like this, with the control panel overlayed on the chat video. It is also possible to minimize the control panel after they’ve established a pattern to make the video chat clearer:

You’ll be able to silence yourself anytime or turn off your cameras.

To keep some of the memories for a while, owners of toys is able to capture the video chat. The person who controls the toy doesn’t have the option of recording however.

A variety of exciting options to playing with this app for long distance. And even when your friend isn’t online when you log on the app, it shouldn’t take long before they will be Send tiny messages, photos and emojis, or even voice recordings to convey a bit of encouragement

Lovense Anonymous Sharing

If you’re in search of an easy way to surrender control of your toys anonymously in only a single time The Lovense application is well configured for this.

If you want to connect, you’ll be given the option of obtaining the “Control Link” to send to a friend instead of a normal connection request. There is the option of setting a limit to the length of time they’ll have access! After the time limit is reached the child will no longer have access to your game or you, unless you share a different link.

This feature is utilized by many actors or to have fun with your friends!

The Bottom Line Lovense Ferri Long Distance Control

Long distance controls offers many options for communicating. It was fairly simple to understand and didn’t have any apparent delays, sluggishness as well as connectivity concerns (which I’ll go over more in depth later in this section)!

Packaging and What’s inside the Box?

When I first tried my hands on the Lovense Ferri sex toy I was really amazed at the fact how tiny it is! The box is likely to be about the size of 2 cigarettes if you put them together.

You can anticipate this accessory fitting discreetly and comfortably into your pants and not some bulky object that rubs against your body.

Inside the box are:

  • Ferri toy
  • The USB charging cable for USB charging.
  • User manuals that contain many helpful suggestions
  • a quick setup guide
  • a cute black storage bag
  • as well as an additional magnetic clip that I thought was extremely useful!

It’s always good to have a backup clip especially if you are using this toy frequently as things may get lost when cleaning or other activities.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Next, in my Lovense Ferri review, I’d like to talk about cleaning the toy. Indeed, it’s super easy to clean your Lovense Ferri.

I wash my hands with gentle soap with warm water prior to and after using (you may also choose an item specifically designed for sex toys too). After that, I wipe dry using a towel!

Ferri Ferri comes with the 1-year guarantee which is fantastic! To ensure that your Ferri is in good condition, I’d suggest not to cost the Ferri when you’re playing with it.

This seems to be common sense, But what happens whenever the mood is right,, right? Avoid extreme cold and extreme heat.

All of these are also mentioned within the user manual, under “warning” however I often refer to these in my reviews because generally, If you’re like me, why do you need any manual at all! ?

Lovense Lush 2 vs. Ferri vs. We-Vibe Moxie: Which Panty Vibrator Is the Best?

The Moxie from We-Vibe has a nice amount of power in relation to its size, but did not blow me away with its oozing power. Perhaps a part of the problem was the softness of its wide, finger-length shape. Moxie’s smooth silicone provides an excellent feel when held but I prefer the clit toys to be a bit more movable and wider or performing something extraordinary.

It’s absolutely no way for the Moxie could be compared to another We-Vibe product launched at the same time with we-vibe Melt along with its suction-blown force. Now this is interesting in my opinion.

However, I’m digressing: The Lovense Ferri feels about 10 percent more powerful than We-Vibe MoxieIMO. Plus the prominent ridge of Ferri’s down the center provides more focus on the clit. You’ll probably notice it more.

Anyone who has had enough time to read reviews on vibrators to understand the difference in “rumbly” as well as “buzzy” intensity levels: Ferri is less than rumbly at lower levels than Moxie, but Moxie has made me drop interest so quickly that I didn’t really pay attention to it’s deep and rumbly low speeds at the moment.

The two vibes aren’t rumbly when they’re on high-power. Lovense Ferri and We-Vibe Moxie. We-Vibe Moxie is a fairly simple choice, with the preference for Ferri unless you’re looking for a lower-power vibration or believe you’d be bothered by Lovense Ferri’s powerful central ridge.

If you’re sold to the Lovense toy, but you’re not sure what to pick between Lush 2 / Lush 3 or Ferri’s sound? A point-by-pointguide:

  • Clit vs. vag. Do the wearer experience an increase in vaginal stimulation? If not but they want the toy to stimulate them to come as they move it around clearly Ferri to provide the best stimulant clitoral. The Lush is the most comfortable to wear to provide Gspot stimulation.
  • Strength. Do you want the most performance? Lush 2 is basically 1 more stable speed: Ferri’s maximum intensity is comparable to Lush’s second (of three total pre-set speeds). It’s my intention to ballpark Lush 2 to be being 30% more powerful as Ferri. (And Lush 3 is quite identical to Lush 2. It is important to note that when you first get in the application, you will also notice it as if Lush 2 has a bit more zing.) Be aware that you can make use of Lush 2 as an clit vibration: simply place it on the clit as if it were the bullet vibration, as opposed to inserting it.
  • Noise. With 30-40 decibels, when it’s inserted, maximum speeds of Lush 2 are as loud as a fridge (lol). Ferri is between 42 and 52 decibels while standing normally (not cross-legged and sitting down in front of Ferri). If this is intended for playing in public, then you might need to shield Ferri 3.0 and check the level of noise in the area you intend to play. The act of crossing your legs can assist in reducing the volume.

Note that the most effective (non-wearable) Lovense vibrator is the Domi 2 Wand. This is a better option than even Magic Wand Rechargeable for power when you’re on the high end. I gave one to one of my friends as a last Xmas present; she loves the strong vibrations, but was at a loss as to “I can only take for a few minutes”

General Ferri Recap & Ranking

I elevated Ferri’s Lovense Ferri to the number one spot in my panty vibration ranking exactly two days after opening Ferri’s package. This is one of the best Lovense toys in my collection.

Its vibrations come out from a powerful bullet vibrator, adjust them to fit into the vulva, then press onto the clit. Then, it is fitted with a magnet clip to secure. It’s a panty vibration that will stay!

PLUS Lovense’s top of the line Bluetooth remote app control should you want to go out…and be… when you’re out and about wearing your clitoral vibrations hand-free. or just relaxing at home It’s easy to use the Lovense application is packed with possibilities, regardless of whether you’re with one partner or a lot of informal ones.

For those who want an item that is wearable it is the ideal. However, other Lovense toys, namely Lush 2 and Lush 3, are generally superior to Ferri as well the vaginal worn reduces the volume of the vibration more effectively. Lovense alarm won’t bother you.

It’s just a matter of the level of silence you require or the space in which you’ll wear the vibe in, as, for instance there are some places that are more quiet than others. Which one would you pick either Clit stim or some additional noise or a more quiet (but loud)”G-spot” vibes?

Lovense sound feature allows to sync sex toys with your voice or music.

Check the prices of all Lovense vibrators here on the Lovense official store.

The Lush 2 version is usually discounted to $99

and Ferri is likely to rotate between $109 and $99 in addition.

Final Thoughts on My Lovense Ferri Review

The Lovense Ferri has been an absolute pleasure to write about! It truly is flawless. Ferri is my favorite among panty vibrators.

From the components which make it almost inaccessible during use because of its tiny size in terms of weight, size, and sound level as well as the ability to select between 10 different patterns of vibration which you alter later within the app to suit every situation, not forgetting that it’s extremely comfy to use!

Like with other Lovense toys, battery life is also long enough. Remote play is another great thing that you can enjoy via Lovense Ferri app. Extra magnetic clip is designed to fix this toy firmly in your panties.

This is definitely the most effective panty vibrator I’ve tested to date. It’ll be interesting to see if any other device will be able to match this fantastic vibrating sensation! That’s all about Lovense Ferri review.

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