Lovense Nora Review: Is It the Only Vibrator You Need?

Are you looking for a rabbit style vibrator that could be synchronized with another sex toy?

Don’t pass by the Bluetooth rabbit vibrator by Lovense. It’s one of the most popular long distance sex toys in today’s market due to the simplicity of use, stylish design, and a bunch of wow features.

Hundreds of women around the world agree that Nora vibe, an original Bluetooth rabbit vibrator, can bring maximum pleasure.

Check the unbiased Lovense Nora review to make sure it’s the toy you are looking for.

nora vibe lovense review

Have no time for reading the whole review? Here’s a quick answer. Yes, it’s a 5-star sex toy from Lovense.

Feel free to get it here from official site.

Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator: Main Features

Nora sex toy belongs to rabbit vibrators. It’s a stimulator for women that has dual stimulation.

The Lovense Nora vibrator has two arms. The vibrating arm stimulates the clitoris and another vibrating arm is designed to stimulate the G-spot. It is one of the best vibrators as it helps women achieve powerful orgasm.

Nora dildo is very user-friendly, lightweight, and looks lovely. The weight of Nora is only 10.2 ounces, which makes it possible to take it with you when traveling.

lovense nora vibrator

Don’t forget to take a clean USB rechargeable with you. Pink is one of the most favorite colors for girls. It isn’t surprising that the Lovense company has chosen it for its iconic invention.

Let’s have a look at the important features of Nora with the app control.

  • Shape. It consists of two parts: one for the Clitoris stimulation (a shorter vibrating arm) and another part for the G-spot stimulation (a longer arm). Be sure that the longer arm in the combination with the shorter clitoral arm will provide you with two sensations at a time. Besides the vibrating arm, Nora dildo has a rotating head for guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Materials. Lovense company produces only body-safe vibrators that can’t cause allergic reactions. They use high-quality silicone that suits ladies with sensitive skin type and abs plastic for the external design. You can be sure that the material is not toxic and can be used internally. The only thing to take into account is that the producer warns about the use of oil and silicone-based lubricants. You are recommended to use water-based lubricants with Nora if you want it to serve you long.
  • Software. Nora, a Bluetooth-controlled toy, has not only a nice design but also smart software. The device is based on innovative technologies and can rightly be called one of the best teledildonic vibrators existing in the market.

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How to Use NoraVibe?

This must be the most importnat part of this Lovense Nora Review.

Nora toy is very user-friendly. Even if you have never used such toys before, you won’t face any issues.

First, you need to charge it using a USB port. It won’t take you more than a couple of hours. When it is fully charged, it works for about 2 hours without stopping.

Place the shorter arm on your clit and put the longer one inside your vagina.

Lovense Nora Review

You can choose what kind of play you like most. It can be used for a solo play when you are alone in bed or are taking a shower. Some women like using it in public places.

Choose the way you’d like to have fun with your new Lovense product.

Then, download the Lovense remote app on an Android or iOS gadget and select all the necessary settings. You can use the Lovense remote app, regardless of the distance that separates your partner and you.

After you connect Nora vibe with the application, provide your partner with access if you want him to give you clitoral pleasure. The remote control without connectivity issues is possible if both of you have a stable Internet connection.

sex toy nora

Check all the options available in the app and select those you find the most exciting ones.

The clitoral arm and the G stimulation arm will help you to achieve a fascinating orgasm you have never had before.

Flexible material helps to use Nora dildo with maximum comfort.

Lovense Nora Rabbit Vibrator: Key Pros You’ll Enjoy

Nora vibe is the toy with a 5 stars rating. There are hundreds of positive reviews about Nora sex toy. It isn’t surprising.

lovense remote app

The original Bluetooth rabbit vibrator has many benefits over other devices in today’s market. Here is a list of the great features most ladies enjoy:

  • 7 vibration settings. Every woman will definitely find the mode she likes most. Those who have already used the device admit that it gives great sensations. You can start with the low vibration and proceed to change it to the medium, then high, etc. The most powerful vibration settings are fireworks and earthquake. Switch to these modes if you want stronger vibrations. Nora is a powerful clit and G spot stimulator.
  • 3 rotation speeds. When you use Nora for the stimulation of the G-spot, you can choose between 3 rotation speeds. It is easy to customize vibrations using this option.
  • A possibility to sync the device with music. Nora rabbit vibrator can move in sync with your favorite song. You have a great opportunity to sync it with ambient noise and even to the voice of your sex partner.
  • A possibility to control it with an app. The main advantage of the Nora toy is that your partner may have full control over your sensations. For this, you should use a Lovense remote app. Both should install a remote app to have control over the partner’s sensations. A toy can be used for solo play and use with the partner. It’ll take you about a couple of hours to charge Nora and use it for 2 hours enjoying
  • USB rechargeable. The first generation Nora toys can work for up to 2 hours without the charge. Enjoy hours of continuous use thanks to the long-lasting battery life. As for the standby period, it is about 120 hours.
  • 100% waterproof. You can have fun with Nora vibrator when taking a shower. It is fully waterproof and can be cleaned with water easily.

Lovense Nora Review: Sex Toy Packaging: First Impressions

Take into account that sex toys are delivered in the box with the vibrator on the cover.

So, unpack it when you are alone in the room if you don’t want anyone to know you use Nora Lovense.

original bluetooth rabbit vibrator

What is inside the box? You’ll unwrap the packaging and see the device itself, a USB charger for the vibrator, and step-by-step instructions for the Lovense Nora.

Don’t be afraid to lose the manual as all of the user guidelines are available on the official website of the company.

In this Lovense Nora Review, I’d like you to pay attention to the fact that there is no solution to clean the device. You need to get a water-based lubricant to use the vibrator and a cleaning solution on your own.

But it isn’t a big problem as you can order lubricants on the official website.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you need to take care of the storage bag for the vibrator. There is no storage bag in the packaging.

Intimacy in Long Distance Relationships with Nora Vibrator

What comes next in this Lovense Nora Review? Do you want to spice up relationships with the beloved? You can do it easily thanks to the advanced technologies in the sex industry. If you are far from your partner, use Nora female counterpart in the combination with Max by Lovense.

You will get great impressions as the combined use of these two devices provides an experience of virtual sex at a long distance.

By the way, sensations are very realistic. There is a mode that makes it possible to sync Nora and Max (a male counterpart) and each one will move in sync with another toy.

Long distance shouldn’t prevent you from having sex with the partner.

Thanks to the invention of teledildonic toys, it is possible to maintain intimacy in long distance relationships wherever you are. Just install an app designed by Lovense and adjust settings according to your personal sensations.

If you want your partner to control your orgasm, just ask him to enter the app and provide him with the remote control in the smartphone app account.

The Wi-Fi enables you to combine Nora with the app partner control. You’ll enjoy a hands-free mode.

lovense nora rabbit vibrator

It is a great idea to use the combination of Max and Nora and turn on the video chat.

Thanks to the app control and the possibility to see each other via Skype, Facetime, or other latest technologies you’ll get maximum pleasure as if you were making love in real life.

Distance has stopped being a threat to happy relationships.

Some couples say that such products like Nora even help to learn more about sex fantasies of the close person and diversify relationships. It is a must-have for ldr couples who don’t want distance to have a negative effect on their sex relationships.

Lovense Nora Review: What Do Other Users Think of Nora by Lovense?

Most users say that Nora has become their best friend. They admit that they like the device for its stylish design, smart software that it is based on, high quality, and other cool benefits.

The continuous use of the vibrator makes it possible to take it with you anywhere you go.

lovense nora vibe

Most users claim most vibrators have weak motors. It’s not the case with Nora. It is powerful enough to give amazing sensations to any lady. What do women like most about the rabbit stimulator?

It’s a possibility to enjoy a dual action and control orgasm with the help of the Lovense app.

These two great features have helped the invention get 5 stars from hundreds of ladies worldwide.


Final Thoughts

Let’s conclude the Lovense Nora review. The vibrator has many outstanding features, among which are a body safe silicone material, a long battery life, the insertable length of the arm, powerful clitoral stimulation, and the possibility to enjoy dual stimulation simultaneously.

Nora with a rotating head is a perfect device for those who can’t make love in real life at the moment. Many ldr couples use Nora and Max to get new sex experience at a distance. A stable Bluetooth connection makes it possible to use an app and give each other pleasant sensations, regardless of the current geographical location.

Nora with a rotating head is a top-quality vibrator for solo play, public play, and the use with the partner no matter how far away you are from each other. Long distance isn’t a problem for the Nora as it has a Bluetooth chip that makes it possible to connect any gadget to have control remotely.

You will definitely enjoy multiple settings and reach climax comfortably using an iconic rabbit stimulator Nora by Lovense. You won’t regret your choice as Nora knows how to give incredible sexual pleasure.

Remember that Nora is sold with a 1-year warranty from the Lovense company. So, you have nothing to worry about if you get the product with the damaged packaging or face any other issues.

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