Lovense Lush 3 Review: Is It Really So Amazing?

Everyone has heard about the impressive features of Lush sex toys. But Lush 3 is the toy that has made a real revolution in today’s market.

Lovense Lush 3 has been designed for couples and webcam girls. The vibrator controls orgasm and gives incredible sensations to its user.

Lovense Lush 3 Review

Being an experienced sex toy reviewer, I can say that Lush 3 is an amazing toy!

Whether you want to play in public, diversify your relationships with the sex partner, or use it for webcam shows, it’s a great choice.

The company has redesigned it and improved some functions compared to previous versions.

Want to give it a shot? Gheck it here, on an official site!

Satisfaction is in your hands now (and in the hands of your sex partner, lol! :)).

Now, let’s dig deeper.

What makes it better than its predecessor, Lovense Lush 2?

Keep reading this Lush 3 review to be sure that it’s exactly what you are looking.

Lovense Lush 3: Features that Make It One of the Best Sex Toys

Lush 3 is an upgraded version of the famous Lush 2. Believe me. This is really one of the best long distance sex toys out there!

What does it look like? It’s an egg vibrator that has a twist for providing full control to the partner. It’s possible to activate a control mode whenever you feel like playing with Lush 3.

The Lush vibrator has a user-friendly Lovense app for control at the distance. What can Lush 3 from the Lovense brand do?

lovense lush 3 toy

Most women all over the world say that it can rock your world. The remotely controlled Lush vibrator can stimulate G-spot so that the woman enjoys an incredible orgasm she has never had.

The stimulator has a small size that makes it possible to wear it under clothes. Be sure that nobody will see or hear the vibrator.

If you compare Lovense Lush 2 and Lovense Lush 3 remote control vibrator you will notice that the last one is more powerful.

Here is a list of the key features of Lush 3 that are worth your attention:

  • Lush 3 is a Bluetooth remote control vibrator. The developer has upgraded the Bluetooth technology to connect without any errors. A stable connection is guaranteed.
  • Lush 3 is a completely waterproof device that can be used in the bathroom, shower, etc.
  • It is quiet and fits public play as nobody will hear 43 dB noise.
  • Lush 3 battery doesn’t die within 5 hours.
  • Lush 3 has many stimulation patterns to choose from.
  • It can be synchronized with cam sites used by webcam models.
  • The Lovense company provides a one-year warranty for Lush 3.

As you can see, it has many great benefits.

Are you still wondering whether you should get a new sex product?

Let’s have a closer look at the main features of the Lush 3 in my Lovense Lush 3 review for you to decide if it is worth its price or not.

Pay attention to the fact that Lush 3 is for internal stimulation of the G spot. Some women admit that it doesn’t provide enough powerful stimulation of the clitoris.

There are some sensations thanks to the slight internal vibes but they may be not enough for you.

By the way, they have another great product for the ladies who love clit stimulators.

Just go to their site and check all the products they have launched. You will definitely find good testimonials about their Lovense Ferri.

However, you can reach orgasm with internal vibrations from the Lush products. Just scroll down to learn what makes Lush 3 a good purchase.

Design and Size

What’s next in this lush vibe review?

The Lush 3 toy has a very stylish ergonomic design. Its size doesn’t exceed 1.37 inches while the part designed for internal use isn’t more than 3 inches.

Lovense Lush 3 Review: Is It Really So Amazing?

The small size makes it possible to take Lush 3 with you or even wear it whenever you go. Those who have ever used Lush 2 will pay attention to the tail part. Its design has been improved!

Now, the size is about 5.3 inches, the fixed tail texture is of better quality. As for the shape, thanks to the C-shape, the woman will enjoy super powerful stimulation.

Don’t think that the small size of the toy affects its power.

Despite the compact size that is a bit smaller than the previous version, it can provide rumbly vibrations.


Lush 3 sex toys are made of soft silicone that is very pleasant to the touch. The Lovense company takes care of women and creates sex toys made of safe materials of top quality.

Compared to its predecessor Lush 2, the body-safe silicone the toy is made of is softer and smoother.

Lush 3 is a latex-free toy.

The developer recommends using a Lovense vibrator with a water-based lubricant rather than oil-based lubes.

Lovense Lush 3 vs Lovense Lush 2: What Differences Do They Have?

Let’s have a quick look at the differences between the second and the third version of Lovense products.

Lush 2 has been known as a great toy for solo and public play until the Lush 3 has appeared in the market. The newest version has been upgraded on the basis of users’ requests.

They look very similar as they are both of hot pink color and have almost the same shape.

As for the app control, both toys can be controlled via the application.

Lovense Lush 3 Review: Is It Really So Amazing?

But still, there are certain differences that are worth your attention. So, should you hurry up to purchase the latest third model or still use Lush 2?

When you get the toy, you’ll immediately notice a small difference – the presence of the satin bag to store your Lovense Lush 3 egg vibrator. As for the features, the very first difference you will see in Lush 3 is that it has an improved tail part.

Thanks to this improvement, you can enjoy stronger vibrations. This change has influenced the design as well. Lush 2 had a C-shape design but the 3d model has a more C-shape compared to the one the previous toy had.

Compared to the second model, the 3d one is easier to access when you use it inside the vagina.

Lovense Lush 3 can boast a magnetic charging system and an upgraded charging port. One more important difference is the level of noise. Lush 2 can rightly be called a quiet vibrator.

But Lush 3 is a bit quieter than the 2d version.

To be more exact, the difference is 2 dB. This means that this version is the best choice for those who like having fun in public.

As you can see from the Lovense Lush 3 review, it is worth choosing the toy for its upgraded design and features.

It’s the most most powerful egg vibrator out there!

How Can You Use an Upgraded Lovense Lush 3 Toy?

Do you like playing with vibrators in public? Lush 3 is an advanced high-tech toy that is a perfect choice for public play, solo play, and use with a long-distance sex partner.

It provides intense vibrations and can be controlled via the Lovense app.

Ladies can use Lovense Lush 3 for G spot and clit stimulation. It’s convenient to control patterns when the toy is inside. Using app control, one can entrust orgasm to the partner and diversify sex life.

Lush Lovense bluetooth is a great toy for solo play in the bedroom or shower ( remember that it is 100% waterproof and can be used in water), long distance play with a sex partner, and naughty play in public places.

lovense lush vibe

Feel free to use it whenever and wherever you want to have fun. By the way, you can install an app on any gadget. Control sensations of your partner from Windows PC, Apple watch, mobile phone, etc.

You’ll enjoy great connectivity – Lush 3 isn’t a mood killer like many other sex toys that disconnect at the very important moment.

A new version presented by the well-known Lovense company has better connectivity compared to the second version and original Lush.

If you read other reviews, you’ll see that couples in a long distance relationship don’t think that the new model is worth upgrading. At the same time, there were many reviews where LDR couples asked to upgrade Lush 2 vibrators as there were errors in the connection.

Now, you can enjoy an upgraded antenna and continuous use of the toy.

Lovense provides an excellent G-spot stimulation thanks to various upgraded vibration patterns.

The good news is that the toy can be used in a tandem with Max sex toy for maximum pleasure of a couple.

What Makes a Lovense Lush 3 the Best Vibrator Ever (Based on My Experience)

I am a fan of Lovense Lush toys as they have many great advantages. When Lush 3 appeared, I was one of the first women to test its upgraded features. I have immediately noticed that it is super cool.

First of all, it’s a more compact size that makes it possible to use it in a cafe, park, meeting, etc. Public play lovers will enjoy the quiet noise level.

Lovense Lush 3 Review: Is It Really So Amazing?

Despite the fact that it has a powerful motor, it is silent. It is perfect for the lady’s anatomy. The texture is super soft to the touch. Besides, there are many other things I’d like to talk about.

  • Vibration patterns. I am one of those women who can’t reach orgasm easily. Lush 3 has 3 levels of vibration – one of them will definitely fit you. Despite the great power of vibrations that are enough for reaching a fantastic orgasm, the noise level isn’t high. Also, there are 4 escalation patterns. I like the highest setting most of all.
  • Lovense Lush application. It can be used with both Android and iOS smartphones. You can also use an app on your desktop computer. The easy app controllable Lush vibrator makes it possible to have fun with a sex partner even at distance. A hands-free mode allows you to relax and plunge into fabulous orgasm enjoying strong vibrations. How to activate the app? You should download the application and activate it. When you press the button and hear a sound that reminds you of a buzz, it is activated. Find the link button to connect your Lush 3 toy. It takes less than 10 seconds to connect. No matter how far your partner is, he can use a Lovense remote app and help you reach orgasm at a distance. Having experience of a long distance relationship, I can say for sure that Lush 3 is a must-have for long distance couples.
  • The presence of manual control. I recommend using it with the app control but there is a possibility to control it manually. For this, you should turn the toy. Get started when you see the led light, choose the vibration pattern you like most, and turn it off by pressing the button for a couple of seconds when you reach orgasm and want to stop the play. It’s as easy as ABC.
  • Synchronization with favorite music. I like using the vibrator synchronizing its vibrations with my favorite songs. It can react to ambient noise and any sound.
  • Flawless connectivity. I’ve tried many other sex toys, including the previous version of Lush 3, and all of them had connectivity errors at least for a few seconds. As for the Lush 3 toy, it works steadily thanks to the upgraded Bluetooth connectivity. One of the main reasons why I have decided to get Lush 3 is that the company has improved the design of the printed circuit board – it provides several times better connectivity.
  • IPX 7 waterproof. As for me, I like taking my Lush toy to the bathroom and take a shower with a sex toy. The possibilities are endless here as the Lush 3 can be used in water without any harm. A wet play will provide you with incredible sensations.

Being an experienced sex toy reviewer, I can say that Lush 3 is an amazing toy!

The company has redesigned it and improved some functions compared to previous versions. You won’t regret it if you get a Lush 3 vibrator. Satisfaction is in your hands now (and in the hands of your sex partner, lol! :)).

Lovense Lush Reviews: Long Battery Life – 5 Hours of Satisfaction

Do you wonder whether you can take an app-controlled vibrator on the journey and use it when traveling?

Don’t worry, the toy has a long battery life which lasts about 5 hours.

Moreover, the company has improved the charging system based on the customers’ feedback.

Now, the toy has a magnetic USB charging cable 1 meter long. It is convenient to use Lush 3. Spend about 85 minutes to fully charge the toy and use it within 5 hours.

How to know when Lush 3 is fully charged?

The pink color light signals about 100% charge. So, charge it and take it with you wherever you go without any worries that you’ll have to charge it soon.

Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator – A Must-Have for Webcam Girls

Most webcam models use sex toys in their work. Lush 3 is a perfect choice for cam models as it has many cool features and can be connected to all the popular cam sites.

The Lovense company has designed a special application that makes it possible to link the Lush 3 toy to the tips on the websites for webcam modeling.

It stimulates men to tip webcam models more often, which is very important for girls who work in this sphere.

Models who have already connected it to their sites admit that Lush 3 from Lovense encourages the target audience.

One more reason why webcam girls should pay attention to this Lovense Lush bluetooth toy is the improved battery life.

You can charge it and use it for about 5 hours for your webcam shows.

Lovense Lush 3 for LDR Couples

Does your partner have business trips often? Lush 3 is the toy that will help you to maintain intimacy in a relationship at a long distance. It doesn’t matter how far from each other you are.

lush for ldr couples

The invention presented by Lovense company can provide your couple with a new sex experience.

You can use the toy at any distance and control the orgasm of your sex partner with the help of a smartphone application.

By the way, it can be used on any gadget for free.

Even if you have never used Lovense toys remotely, you won’t face any problems. The installation of an app takes seconds.

You should connect the toy to the app and inform your partner about this. He will enter the app to have full control over your orgasm.

Lovense provides couples with a great opportunity to connect without interruptions. A silicone covering of the vibrator, a possibility to sync with your partner’s voice, and strong vibrations help to create a feeling that you make love to your beloved.

You can use Lush 3 wherever you go, chat with the partner and share your emotions and sensations when using the vibrator.

It is a good idea to have fun with a video chat.

Lush 3 has helped hundreds of long distance couples not to feel lonely and maintain a happy relationship.

Of course, nothing can be compared to the human but Lush 3 makes it easier to wait for the partner’s coming back.

Lovense Lush Packaging and Delivery

The company has taken care of all the smallest details. When you order Lush 3, you can be sure that it will be well-packed. It will arrive in a dark package without showing what is inside.

The Lovense has worldwide shipping.

You can buy Lovense Lush 3 and get it within several days. The delivery takes less than a week.

The box contains the egg vibrator, the cable for charging, an informative user manual, a step-by-step guide on how to set up the app-controllable egg vibrator, and a storage bag like other Lovense toys have.

How to Take Care of Your Lovense Lush 3?

If you want to use your Lovense vibrator for a long period and keep it clean, you should follow cleaning and care instructions.

Don’t forget that you need to clean the toy with water and antibacterial liquid soap after each use.

This is a super importnat thing that not all lovense vibe reviews highlight. Thus, I’ve decided to underline it here.

There is a special cleaner for such toys.

How to use it?

  • A cleaner for a G spot egg vibrator and other Lovense toys is a spray. After you clean the vibrator, make sure it is dry.
  • Store the stimulator in the bag to protect it from dust and dirt. Remember that you shouldn’t store it in a hot place where it is exposed to sunlight.
  • The producer warns that you shouldn’t store it in cold places as well as both heat and cold have a negative effect on the device.
  • It is super fast and easy to clean Lush 3 like any other sex toy. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is possible to use lubricants on a water basis only.
  • Forget about lubes based on oil or silicone as they will damage the toy’s texture.

If you take care of the Lush 3 properly and use only a water-based lube, it will serve you for long.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of vibrators that can be controlled via an app, don’t hesitate to choose Lush 3 by Lovense.

Now, it is the best G-spot stimulator that has ever existed. It’s easy to use, compact, silent, and powerful at the same time.

There are many variations of how you could have fun with the toy.

You won’t find a better toy for a public play and partner play than the 3d version of Lovense vibrators. Lush 3 is the evidence of the fact that today, you can enjoy yourself wherever you are.

It provides an opportunity to make relationship at a distance easier thanks to the remote control.

With so many positive lush toy reviews, it’s a no brainer!

The main advantage of the egg vibrator of the 3d generation is that its design and top quality make it a wonderful choice for the use in any situation.

The vibrator is versatile.

Compared to other products in the market, it provides partners with full control over their sensations. So, get it and try how it works – believe it, you will have a hot time with it.

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