50+ Sexting Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

There is a long distance between you and your beloved one? No worries! If you’d like to maintain intimate relationships at a distance, be ready to be creative.

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Don’t listen to those people who say that it is impossible to keep romantic relationships when you are miles away from each other. There are many ways how people can spice up LDR.

From sexting to using the best long distance sex toys.

You can make a partner want you using sexts. Sexting ideas for long distance relationships will come to the rescue if you are new to the relationship online.

What Is Sexting, and How Can It Help You Maintain Relationships?

Sexting is either getting or writing messages with sexual content. You can use any device for sexting: it can be a computer, smartphone, etc. Why do people start sexting when they can’t meet in real life?

Sexting Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

The natural wish of every person is to get attention from his/her partner. It may be challenging to trust your partner when he/she is in another country for long.

Sexting will help not to lose intimate connection which plays an essential role in a happy long distance relationship.

When writing messages about sex desires (sexts), don’t forget to add a photo or video for the maximum effect. Have you never tried to sext your partner?

Don’t feel shy to sext. This way of communication will help you to explore the borders of your sexuality and find out what your partner likes or dislikes.

Sexting Ideas for Long Distance Relationships: What to Write About When Sexting?

“I have no ideas what to sext about!” Are you one of those people who have never tried to sext? Just use your imagination and let your mind flow.

Imagine that you are the author of an erotic book and share any idea about sex with the person you care for.

At the very beginning of online relationship, write more romantic messages. Here even more ideas on how to write sexting messages for him.

Is there anything that may matter in sending texts about sex?

What to write about when sexting

Only the reaction of your beloved. Depending on the reaction of your partner, move to dirty texts. Does your boyfriend/girlfriend like flirting in reality?

Sexting is the same practice with the only difference – you can’t touch the partner. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your partner want you even when you are many miles away from him/her.

Use detailed descriptions of all your actions, desires, fantasies, and imitate the sexual intercourse using innovative gadgets.

Today, you’ll easily find tons of sexting tips and text messages. Get inspired by someone’s else experience of writing sex texts to each other and create your own unique text.

5 Helpful Sexting Tips

Don’t you know how to get started? It is easier than you can imagine. Here are simple tips that will help you to learn how to spice up long distance relationships and become a pro sexter with time. This experience will be of great use for the LDR couple.

Here are 5 awesome tips on dirty things to say to your boyfriend long-distance. Implement them and and you’ll see that sexting for him long distance can be funny!

  • Create unusual messages about the things and situations only your partner, and you know. Your beloved should feel that you’ve created these sex texts for him only.
  • Remind your partner about the romantic time you had. It can be your first date, the celebration of your anniversary, or anything else, etc.
  • Share your secret sex fantasy with your man/woman. This is one of the best sexting ideas for long distance relationships. Tell what you dream about from time to time and describe your fantasies in detail. Your boyfriend/girlfriend should have a clear picture of what you are talking about. Don’t be shy to give responses to the most intimate questions of your partner. Let him/her learn more about your sexuality.
  • Exchange videos and hot pics while sexting time. Writing something about your intimate desires is great. But it’s much better to add a sex video with the half-naked body and send it to your partner to make him/her really hot. Take this into account and make new videos from time to time. The best way to maintain intimacy is to send videos regularly for your man/woman to see and hear you daily. There are many examples on the web to get inspired.
  • Use different ways of LDR communication in a combination with sexting. You are recommended not to limit yourself to writing sex messages only. It can work well for some period but with time your partner will get bored. If you want to maintain a good relationship with the person you take care of, combine all possible ways of online relationship to become closer to each other. You can turn on a Skype video, use sex toys, and share what you feel at the moment. Some couples never turn off Skype when they are at home to see the ones they love each minute. Thanks to this way of communication, you’ll feel the presence of the person in your life. Take into account that this will help you to establish intimate contact and feel as if the person you love is in the room with you.

Sexts for Her

  1. I saw a dream last night. You were in sexy black lingerie. Will you wear it for me, babe?
  2. I am crazy about your body. You are just perfect. Just one thought of your half-naked breast makes me mad.
  3. Do you prefer to be my little girl or sex slave?
  4. I am thinking about the last photo you’ve sent. Your half-naked body makes me want you more and more. I feel hungry for it.
  5. If I could get anything I want now, I would ask to feel your soft skin and lick you all over again and again.
  6. Will you send me the pic of your naked top? I need it badly.
  7. I always look at your videos and become hard. Will you send a new one for me to have a great evening today?
  8. Is any way I can deserve a new sexy photo from my princess?
  9. Guess what I’d like to do with you if you were by my side now.
  10. Will you touch yourself thinking about me? Please, do this and send me a pic.

Sex Text Messages for Him

Sext text messages for him

Here are 10 long distance relationship sexting examples for him.

  1. I am taking shower and touching myself now. Do you want to see more of me?
  2. I become wet when I am thinking about your naked body on me.
  3. Want to join me in the bubble bath? Then, turn on Skype right now.
  4. You are the best lover on the planet. I can’t think of anybody else rather than you touching me everywhere.
  5. Nothing makes me as hot as when I use a sex toy when thinking about my boy.
  6. I want you to come and do a lot of dirty things for me.
  7. Seduce me, honey. Share your ideas on our sex in real to make me wet.
  8. Let’s take our favorite toys, use an app, and take care of each other.
  9. Don’t you mind if I tell a dirty story about the little girl who wanted to explore your body?
  10. I am in bed already brainstorming sexy ideas on what I will do with you when you come back home.

Sex Conversation Starters for Him or Her

Wanna some more sexting ideas for long distance relationships? Here you are!

  1. I want to try a new position. Guess which one?
  2. I like to go sightseeing if the main sight is your naked body.
  3. I am really starved for you. Guess what I am going to do now.
  4. Do you want me to be your prisoner tonight?
  5. I have watched some hot porn videos and want to repeat some things with you.
  6. Is there something you would like to do in bed with me?
  7. What do you think about everyday phone foreplay?
  8. I have to tell you one important thing: No matter where you are, I think of your body smell and feel immediate arousal.
  9. I know a new sex position you will definitely enjoy. Any ideas on what it is?
  10. Will you make true two dirty wishes without asking?

The Best Sexting Ideas for Long Distance Relationships for Your Husband/Wife

  1. I want to be an author of our dirty love novel. Let’s write the first chapter together right now.
  2. Are you ready for an everyday sex challenge with me?
  3. Want me to be your Suzy the seducer tonight? I want to have a 7-day sex challenge in bed with you.
  4. Have you ever imagined us to be in three? Describe to me your kinky fantasy.
  5. I am watching the video you sent me yesterday and satisfy myself thinking of you.
  6. I can’t wait to start our sexting session – my hand is in the panties already.
  7. I want your strong hands to spread my legs gently. Guess what position I am in now.
  8. I wish you were here now and touch me between legs.
  9. Don’t you mind if I masturbate in the shower looking at your pic?
  10. Honey, guess where my hands are now.

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Sext and Turn Him/Her On 24/7

Long distance shouldn’t become a stumbling block for your couple, vice versa, it is a great opportunity to try something new.

Writing nasty long distance relationship sexting messages (sexts), exchanging naked pictures, and using all your creativity to maintain long distance relationship can be really fun for a sext author. Forget about unnecessary shyness and enjoy writing hot texts during LDR relationship.

By the way, you can sext when you are together again. When you live together and see a husband/wife every day, you need to spice up relationship not to get bored from the same daily routine life. Is there any way to become a good sext author?

It isn’t a problem as everyone can create intensely sexy messages if he/she learns to share thoughts and desires. Don’t be ashamed and forget about the rule of being a good girl/boy.

Check how your sex partner will like when you are naughty. Follow the tips above and use examples for your own messages. Talk about the most intimate things and start a virtual sex journey to keep your man/woman enraptured.

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