28 Signs He’s a Keeper: Check Them Right Away!

I have dated bad guys. I have given the chance to the good guys. I have dated both shy and outgoing guys. Others may believe that I have dated too many men, but I’m not.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to explore my options when I was young. I gained a lot of insight about myself, and what I want from each person in my life.

Yes, I admit to making terrible mistakes. But they are usually made up of rebounds. There are a few guys who really had a positive effect on my life. Sometimes things aren’t meant for me… and that’s okay.

signs he's a keeper

My love life has taught me one thing: my man is a great keeper. Let me be real. At first, I thought he was a little phony. He was kind and did good things for me. He sent flowers to me, bought me cleaning products, and paid my rent when I was low on money. He cooked for me and took me on day trips. I found it a bit annoying that he did so many things I was not used to.

I just didn’t understand. We met through a dating website and lived three hours apart. Daily texts would come in saying, “How did your sleep?” I would receive daily texts asking me, “How are you today?” Sometimes I would become irritable when he asked these questions. I was not used to men taking six-hour trips to and from his city to spend a few days with me.

It was uncomfortable for me when he offered to pay because I was always the one who took my men out to dinner or begged them to buy me something nice. He remained stubborn despite my constant fighting.

These moments are so special to me now that I reflect back. And I’d love to share with you these 28 signs he’s a keeper.

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1. He wants to know how your day is going

little things that are pleasant

It’s so simple and yet so beautiful. He still texts me daily, even after 3 years (today marks our anniversary), asking how I am doing and how my sleep is. These are questions that I still have to ask him even though we live together. I am a lucky gal. Guess what? He cares if he asks. He doesn’t need to ask you every day. But if he shows interest in your life, he could be a good fit!

2. He notices new hairstyles, clothes, etc

I have never met a man who notices if I wear a different shirt or my hair is done differently. Perhaps it’s because he is so attentive to detail. It’s quite sweet. It can be annoying though, as I can’t purchase anything new without my husband noticing.

3. He cares for your family

Is he curious about your family’s health? Is he a good friend? Family is very important. You should reconsider your relationship with your family if you aren’t close to them. Do not let anyone separate you from your personal relationships.

4. Random facts about you are what he remembers

Did you ever say something random about yourself, and then he mentions it months later? He might not know as much about you as you would like. It’s not a reason to have poor memory. While he won’t be able to remember everything, he should still know some things about you that aren’t common.

5. He loves you passionately

Is it possible to see him looking at you out of the corner? Do you ever catch him staring at you from the corner of your eye? Is he ever so in love with you that it makes you feel like you are the only girl on the planet? You might be able to love him if he loves you so passionately.

6. He would love to spend his entire time with you

he would love to spend his time with you

He should not call you clingy. He should never think you are spending too much time together. If he is passionate about you, he will want you to be with him all the time. Let me clarify: we all require time alone and our own hobbies. A man who loves you will want to have you there for all his exciting adventures – family get-togethers and vacations, spontaneous adventures, a night at home, or other special occasions.

7. He boasts about you to all his family and friends

Is he going to tell everyone about you? He doesn’t need to brag about how perfect he is. You can have him brag about your achievements, show off the gifts you’ve given, tell his friends about something sweet that you did for him, or any other similar thing. He will tell everyone about you if he is open to it.

8. He is just as excited as you about your success

Ever get so excited about something that you hear someone else say “that’s awesome!” It’s one of the most frustrating and depressing feelings in the world. Your man should not be doing this. His excitement and success should reflect your excitement and success. 

He should be proud that you are pursuing good opportunities. He shouldn’t make you feel that he doesn’t care or isn’t interested in your success. If your man isn’t interested in you growing, he won’t grow with you. You’ll soon realize that he’s not a good match for you.

9. He is a great storyteller

You don’t want to be in a boring relationship. It is easy to become complacent and settle down, but it’s not a good idea. You should reconsider your relationship with your man if he isn’t trying to maintain a strong one. You should be surprised by him with sweet notes, flowers or an evening at home. 

You might feel bored or like you are the only one doing it, then he may not be a good fit for you. It takes two people and it is always going to take a lot of effort!

10. He will shield your eyes from the sun in the morning

28 Signs He's a Keeper: Check Them Right Away!

“We were sitting on the couch, and I fell asleep. I fell asleep after a while when the sun began streaming through the window. He held his hand up to shield my eyes. I always thought this was a sweet gesture.

11. When he puts the covers on you and kisses your cheek when you think you are asleep

“When he pulls up the covers and kisses you even when he believes you are asleep.”

12. He makes you coffee, even though he doesn’t like coffee

“My boyfriend bought me a coffee machine for my stay. The thing is that he is not a coffee fan. Indeed, my guy doesn’t drink coffee at all. He came running out to me one morning as I was about to leave and offered me a cup of coffee for my drive. He’s great.

13. It’s okay to cry together

28 Signs He's a Keeper: Check Them Right Away!

“He can cry right in front of you, and you can cry right in front of him.”

14. He cooks for you every single day, even though it wasn’t his idea

“If he cooks for you every single day, even though you don’t ask, then he’s definitely a keeper.”

15. If he does something kind for you, and doesn’t expect anything in return

“Does something nice and doesn’t expect anything in return.”

16. You can disagree with him, but still, get along

“When you have a big disagreement, it doesn’t affect what you do for one another.”

17. You will feel closer to him if you are able to argue with him

You can have a disagreement and still feel secure and secure in your relationship. Recently, I spoke to an older couple who have been married 50 years. They said that being nice to one another is the key to a successful and long-lasting relationship. This, along with 20-second hugs each morning.

18. He will help you bury your dog

28 Signs He's a Keeper: Check Them Right Away!

“We were just one year into our relationship when my dog died. My boyfriend was devastated, and he insisted on going with me even though I hadn’t slept for 30 hours. It was pouring down and miserable when we got to my parents’ home. 

I wanted to bury her outside, but it was impossible to do due to all the rain. He wore only his jeans as well as socks and went out. 

My dad once said, “You didn’t sign-up for this did?” He replied with, “I signed up to anything in her life.” We both knew that he was a good keeper that day. It’s been six and still going strong.

19. He is able to face the most difficult challenges of his life with dignity

“My boyfriend has suffered from a variety of health problems throughout his entire life, including cancer, chronic kidney disease, and 2 kidney transplants. He had just been with me for a year and a quarter, and I was there to support him through the second.

I’ve known him for 9.5 years. I’ve seen his ability to handle the mental and physical strains that these issues have brought along with all the other inevitable things that come with being in a long-term relationship. I have never seen anyone with so much positivity and courage through the 24 (almost 25!) years of his life. Even though it all, I am still his first thought. This includes his family and mine.

20. Your guy is ready to do something special to impress your family

Smart men know that making the cut in the eyes of your family is key to securing a relationship. Acceptance by your family should be a top priority. He will do everything to win your family over if he sees a future together.

21. He’s always genuine with you

Real means that he doesn’t have to resort to tricks or games to get you to like him. While an immature man might try to manipulate you, he can still maintain the upper hand using some classic tactics. He might delay sending you texts for a while, or he may mention ex-girlfriends or other women to create tension.

These are not attempts to be mysterious or attractive. He’s not being real and isn’t taking any risks to get closer to you. The man who is open to being vulnerable and willing to share his truth with you is a sure keeper.

22. He’s always happy to do a few things for you that are pleasant even though they are little

It doesn’t matter how cliché this saying is, it rings true. If a boyfriend cares, he will notice all the little things that make your life happy and use them to bring you closer. It could be as simple a gift like a new phone case or a fix for your computer. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, because love is often all about the small things.

23. Your beloved one is never afraid of talking about the future

This is one of the most obvious signs that a man is a keeper. Your man may be irritable or vague about future prospects. If he is comfortable talking about the future, it is because he can see it clearly and is willing to take it seriously. This is the type of man you want.

24. He doesn’t forget important events in your lives

You will be remembered for important events such as birthdays, interviews, and anniversaries. This is someone who cares about you and your personal growth. This guy really cares about your happiness and success.

25. Your guy cares about you

28 Signs He's a Keeper: Check Them Right Away!

Too many men are careless or pretended to care. But very few actually care. It is almost impossible to show caring through words. If he does not act accordingly, that is the true indicator. Words are not enough.

26. He will want to be a better woman because you make him feel good

Although he might be already great, if he is truly in love with you, he will strive to be even better. He is driven by the desire to be attractive and help you forge a bright future. He is protective of you instinctually and will do everything to make himself an impressive mate to ensure a happy relationship.

27. Your guy is a giver

If a man enjoys making you smile, he will do everything he can to make you happy. He knows that both of them must be open to giving to each other in order for a relationship with him to succeed. The same standard applies to the bedroom. A woman’s pleasure is as important to a man as his own. He will be a loving lover who appreciates the fullness of a woman’s sexuality.

You can have a great time and be fully present. This creates a magnetic connection, both mentally and physically. He creates these moments and chemical energy that is more than just sex.

28. He makes you feel special

This one is vital. The RIGHT man will show you that he recognizes you as special when he sees you. You might be invited to dinner, sacrifice his night, or sing your praises in front of his friends. You will always feel amazing around him, no matter what he says. A positive relationship is a sign that you are with a true friend.

Tell me, is he a keeper?

Do you notice any warning signs in your man? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope now you know how to identify signs he’s a keeper and what things you need to pay attention to. It may seem a little bit complicated, but it’s not.

Spending time together and talking can help you check if your man is really the person you want to be loved by. Pay attention to every sure sign that I’ve shared with you in this blog to make sure he is a keeper.

Don’t be afraid to talk about nice things and those things that make you feel threatened. pay attention to how your beloved person reacts to the same things while dating you.

To my love: If you are reading this, please know that I love and appreciate all you do. You’re a true keeper!

You deserve a tribute every single day. I want to talk to you and spend time with you every single day!

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