The Smoothie Diet Review
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The Smoothie Diet Review

Losing weight and getting healthier is hard. 

While there are countless fad diets and crash diets out there, The Smoothie Diet program is different. It provides the tools and resources you need to boost your weight loss and learn about health and fitness. 

With easy to follow recipes, this program is simple and effective. Keep reading for The Smoothie Diet review.

What’s the hack Smoothie Diet?

With so many juicing fads out there today that it’s probably difficult to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are phony. 

Thankfully, The Smoothie Diet is one of the good ones. This unique program provides more than just recipes for healthy smoothies. It contains a complete health system to improve your diet and fitness with the information and support you need to be successful.

If you’re interested in transforming your life and getting healthier, The Smoothie Diet has your answer. This book serves as a guide to scheduling your smoothie, shopping for ingredients, and logging your daily meals to track your progress. This guide also includes a workout plan to supplement your diet with the right kinds of exercise. There are also recipes that are diabetes-friendly and gluten-free as well as smoothie for kids.

The Smoothie Diet offers you a 21-day cycle. You can repeat it as much as you want to lose weight. To do this, you replace 2 meals each day with a smoothie then eat a third meal that is reduced in calories. 

You can also enjoy a cheat day each week with the recommended food list provided in The Smoothie Diet.

Does it work?

The Smoothie Diet has multiple plans to suit the needs of each person. If you are looking to boost your weight loss,  the detox plan involves replacing all 3 meals with a smoothie. You can jumpstart your weight loss and get your body in great shape to improve your diet. 

If you’re looking for a longer plan to provide consistent weight loss and health improvements, you can follow the 21-day plan by replacing breakfast & lunch with a smoothie each day.

The addition of the flex day or cheat day makes the plan more manageable. You can consume just one smoothie that day and enjoy 2 meals of your choosing. With the flexibility, you can eat the foods you love without overindulging. The guide eliminates the need to count calories and carbs every day. Following the plan ensures you are successfully sticking to the diet.

The Smoothie Diet also contains all of the information and tips you need to prepare your daily smoothies and stay on track. There are shopping lists included to make going to the store a breeze. 

The diet overall is high in fruits and vegetables, incorporating an essential part of a healthy diet. You will also receive a complete guide to scheduling your smoothies throughout the day.

Who is Drew Sgoutas?

Drew Squotas is the author or the 21-day Smoothie Diet. He created it as a weight loss plan for his clients. He’s a board-certified health coach with a background in helping others lose weight and become healthier. 

As a nutritional expert, Sqoutas has spent his career creating recipes and exercise regiments for weight loss. 

His passion for health and fitness are evident in The Smoothie Diet as he shares his best tips and resources for improving your overall health.

What will you get?

This guide is more than just a cookbook. The Smoothie Diet is a comprehensive system for fitness and weight loss that acts as your own personal nutritional coach. 

You will learn about fat burning and how to maintain a diet that is good for your body. 

This program also includes the information you need to set up your kitchen, including finding the right blender and selecting the best ingredients.

In addition to the smoothie recipes, you will find recommendations for eating solid meals and preparing healthy snacks. There is also a guide to enjoying your favorite foods for a flex or cheat day. 

With the included daily journal, you can track your mood, energy, digestion, and cravings each week to make even more progress.

Pros of The Smoothie Diet

  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Comprehensive guide to health and exercise is included
  • Daily journal is included
  • Program was created by a board certified health coach
  • The program is digital and easy to download

Cons of The Smoothie Diet

  • Smoothies may be high in sugar (though there are recipes that are diabetes-friendly)
  • Preparing smoothies is time consuming


If you are looking to boost your weight loss, The Smoothie Diet is an excellent resource. 

By following the detox plan or the 21-day cycle, you can lose a considerable amount of weight. The diet involves replacing meals with smoothies, so it may be a difficult adjustment at first. 

However, the plan was created by a highly qualified nutritional expert and provides all of the information and tips you need for success.

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